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    Below are a variety of resources for the 2020/21 school year.


    Mr. Dickson's YouTube video about what school will look like

    Westergard Map for Entering and Exiting the Building By Classroom


    Covid-19 Daily Self Screening Tool

    2020/21 School Supply List


    ENTERING/EXITING THE BUILDING - Thank you to everyone for helping us model social distancing when students are begin dropped off and picked up. We know this looks very different from years past and we are working hard to make sure everyone is safe and both arrival and dismissal move smoothly. Your patience and cooperation are greatly appreciated. This school map will show you the door your student will use to enter the building before school and at the end of the school day. It is labeled by room number and teacher name.

    We are using a staggered drop off/start schedule to ensure we can keep students safe and move quickly to their classrooms. We appreciate your efforts to stick to this schedule. The schedule is based on your student(s) last name:

    8:40 last names beginning with A-G
    8:45 last names beginning with H-M
    8:50 last names beginning with N-R
    8:55 last names beginning with S-Z

    All staff will be outside during this time, including classroom teachers so that our students are safe and will get to their pick-up spot. Parents should have a specific location to meet students either across the street or on the sidewalk. Students will be walked to zones around the campus so you will know where to find your child.

    Zone 1 – 1st and 2nd grades – Exit from the same door as you enter in the morning, walk around the east side of the building and space out appropriately on the grass area at the front of the school.
    Zone 2 – Kinder and 3rd grades – Exit from the same door as you enter in the morning. Kinder students will go up the stairs on the west side of the building and 3rd graders will go up the ramp towards the kiss and go.
    Zone 3 – 4th and 5th grades – Exit from the same door as you enter in the morning and go to the grass field and students will exit through the fence on Avenida de Landa.
    *** Older siblings may meet up with younger siblings and be dismissed from there.

    Students riding the bus will be escorted to the bus loading zone and those waiting to leave by bus at 3:30 will wait on campus with a duty teacher.

    Students attending Sierra Kids will be walked in the lunchroom.

    To learn all about the Washoe County School District's reopening plan, please visit https://www.washoeschools.net/reopening