• Back to School 2020 - Professional Learning

    Are you a newly-hired educator for WCSD?  In order to get an account for MyPGS to access Professional Learning content, click the following link to set up a temporary account: MyPGS Access

    The courses for August 4th and 5th are ready for registration in MyPGS (August 18th and 19th for Incline Schools and Viginia Palmer).  If you choose to complete these virtual courses during the summer, the time will fulfill your contract hour requirements for August 4th and 5th and will also count toward licensure renewal. All back-to-school professional learning for August 4th and 5th will be virtual.

    • You will need to register for courses in MyPGS, instructions for how to register are linked at the bottom of this page.
    • Please check the course description and/or notes for each course to see how you will access the course content.
    • All courses are newly designed to provide you with the opportunity to engage in a differentiated approach.  Some content is self-paced; some content will be presented ‘live’ as well as through recorded video.  If you have questions about a course, please contact the course instructors.
    • Courses that are online and asynchronous (self-paced and can be taken anytime) will have a time of midnight for the course time.  All others will have options for specific dates and times.
    • Once you have enrolled in courses, they will appear on your Professional Learning tab under “Courses Enrolled”.
    • Below are two documents with full course listings for each licensed employee; one document includes courses for general education professionals and one document for special education professionals and related services.  You are required to take all courses listed for your position to count for contract hours on August 4th and 5th. We have made it easy to find the courses you need to take by using “tags” in MyPGS as explained in the registration instructions below.

    Thank you for all you do to support students and families in our community. We hope you have a wonderful summer. 

    Courses will appear on MyPGS transcripts in early September.

    Click here for instructions on how to register in MyPGS.

    Click here for a list of courses taken for your job assignment if you are a General Education professional.

    Click here for a list of courses taken for your job assignment if you are a Special Education professional.