• College planning was stressful, pre-COVID. COVID uncertainity has just amplified that stress for many.

    Please remember to control what you can: get the FACTS vs. REACT to social media posts and well intended family/friends with hearsay or their personal experience during pre-COVID times. As always, colleges will be handling admission requirements differently based on their individual institution. Like never before, they are acknowledging that student circumstances are different. There will be room to explain your choices/circumstances in applications to private schools and more selective public schools. The Common Application has added a question that allows you to do that.

    You want OPTIONS. So set yourself up for that by using this time to research, learn more about yourself, and build a plan. Build a balanced list of colleges based upon what you can afford (your "budget") and likelihood of acceptance (based upon average standardized test scores and grades of accepted students). Here are some resources to help.

    • College Admission COVID updates
      • this tool is provided by NACAC (National Association of College Admissions Counseling), the industry tradegroup. It was assembled to give up-to-date information on COVID related college admissions changes.
    • How is COVID impacting the college search/applicaiton process for juniors (rising seniors)?
    • Can't tour a campus?
      • There are many virtual opportunities to do that: both on the college's website and other resources as well. PLEASE read the privacy policy and note that much of the information is optional (such as phone number). Be a wary consumer.
    • Hoping to play a sport in college?
      • College Athletics are also experiencing disruption so please check the websites of your target schools and ask questions of any coaches that you are speaking with. The NCAA has modified its rules of eligibility for athletes due to COVID. Check this link for updates