Reopening Task Force

  • The Reopening Task Force (formerly the Recovery Task Force) is a group comprised of WCSD Administration, critical school operating departments, employee association representatives, educators, and parents, as well as stakeholders from the business and public health community.

    The primary role of the Reopening Task Force is to provide guidance to staff, families, and the community as the Washoe County School District begins to plan how to safely reopen our buildings and come back to school in the fall. This plan will focus on prevention, response, and recovery strategies to meet the changing conditions created by the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of the Task Force is to create a flexible plan that can be accessed by employees, families, and community members, using the guiding principles from the Centers for Disease Control, the State of Nevada, and national health officials while also addressing the physical, mental, social, and emotional needs of students and staff.

    The Reopening Task Force consists of several subcommittees which are looking in-depth at the many different aspects of reopening. These include:

    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Committee: Making recommendations on the amount and types of PPE to purchase, including face coverings and cleaning supplies.
    • Model Pros/Cons Committee: Making recommendations and weighing pros and cons of a variety of models for reopening schools in the fall. Adding Solutions to the problems as well.
    • Contract Considerations Committee: Identifying current collective bargaining agreement language that may need to be modified, added, or deleted to support implementation of the District’s COVID-19 response.
    • Health and Safety Committee: Making recommendations about how to keep students and staff safe as they reenter buildings and navigate the school day.
    • Vulnerable Populations Committee: Making recommendations to ensure an equitable approach to the needs and accessibility of our vulnerable populations as school reopens.

    All plans proposed by the Reopening Task Force will be presented to the Board of Trustees in public meetings over the summer. The public is encouraged to view these meetings and participate by emailing their public comments to the Board.

    The Reopening Task Force is just one of several groups that has been working on the District's COVID-19 response. The COVID-19 Response Team, a group comprised of WCSD staff from nearly all departments including Academics, Operations, Human Resources, Communications, and Finance, has been meeting regularly since March. Several task forces have been created from this group, including Teaching and Learning, Summer Learning, Reopening, Information Technology, Food Stability, and Climate in order to discuss in-depth the many ways in which school is changing because of COVID-19 and to provide recommendations and suggestions to the COVID-19 Response Team and District Leadership.

    There is crossover in membership among the task forces and regular communication between the groups in order to ensure coordination. Specifically, the ReopeningTask Force and the Teaching and Learning group, which are both working on various aspects of what school will look like in the fall, are coordinating efforts.



Task Force Membership

  • Leslie Allfree, CPR/AED Trainer, Student Health Services

    Natha Anderson, President, Washoe Education Association

    Roy Anderson, Emergency Manager

    Lana Ball, Secretary, Desert Skies Middle School, President of WESP

    Debra Biersdorff, Deputy Superintendent

    Kiemmy B. Thai, WCSD Parent

    Jeff Brasel, Registered Environmental Health Specialist, Washoe County Health Department

    Ruby Burnley, Teacher, Diedrichsen Elementary

    Jennifer Caldwell, Executive Assistant, Office of Communications & Community Engagement

    Kellie Carney, Administrative Secretary, Billinghurst Middle School

    Dina Ciaramella, Elementary Education Director, Curriculum & Instruction

    Dr. Max Coppes, Chair of Pediatrics UNR Med & Physician-in-Chief Renown Children’s Hospital

    Virginia Doran, Director of Labor Relations

    Megan Downs, Communications Manager

    Nathan DuPree, Pastor, Living Stones Church

    Norris DuPree, Clinical Psychologist

    Emily Ellison, Chief Human Resources Officer

    Pete Etchart, Chief Operating Officer

    Kindra Fox, Secondary Education Director, Curriculum & Instruction

    Samantha Fredrickson, Public Relations Specialist

    Tami Goulden-Bosco, 504 Program Coordinator, Counseling Department

    Rick Harris, Special Projects Administrator

    Mari Hartmann, Clinical Services Director, Student Health Services

    David Hartshorn, Principal, Mendive Middle School

    Ben Hayes, Chief Accountability Officer

    Dr. Sara Healy, Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Renown Children’s Hospital & UNR Med

    Raymond Hirschman, Assistant Principal, Spanish Springs High School

    Jennifer Hodges, MS, CCC-SLP, MAA, Special Education Administrator, Area 4

    Laura Hutchinson, Crisis Counselor, Counseling and Social Work Department

    Laurel Iinuma, IT Coordinator

    Jackie James, Risk Manager

    Susan Kettler, Speech Pathologist, Diedrichsen Elementary

    Sharon Kennedy, Principal, Incline Middle School

    Laurel Kerr, WCSD Parent

    Wayne Kerr, WCSD Parent

    Paul LaMarca, Chief Ombudsman & Strategies Officer

    Scott Lee, Assistant Director of Transportation

    Katherine Loudon, Counseling Coordinator, Counseling Department

    Joseph Maez, WCSD Parent

    Rick Martin, Director of Transportation

    Mark Mathers, Chief Financial Officer

    Jeana Miller, Special Education Administrator Area 5, AT, Speech

    Sara Montalvo, General Counsel

    Tracy Moore, Sergeant, School Police

    Jill Murdock, Grant Fiscal Administrator

    Grace Ndolo, Mail Clerk

    Mathew Ochs, Teacher, Reno High School

    Lauren Ohlin, Director of Grants

    Troy Parks, Chief Academic Officer

    Denise Paxton, Teacher, Shaw Middle School

    Irene Payne, Chief Communications & Community Engagement Officer

    Christopher Pilat, WCSD School Psychologist

    Serena Robb, Local Business Owner and Retired WCSD High School Administrator/Principal

    Neil Rombardo, Chief General Counsel

    Josh Rosenbloom, Principal, Reed High School

    Adam Searcy, Chief Facilities Management Officer

    Trish Shaffer, MTSS-SEL Coordinator

    Adam Shoda, Teacher, Galena High School

    Ann Silver, Chief Executive Officer, Reno+Sparks Chamber of Commerce

    Dr. Vanessa Slots, Chief General Pediatrics, Developmental Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, Renown Children’s Hospital & UNR Med

    Lianka Soliz, Director, Nutrition Services

    Tom Stauss, Executive Director, Washoe Education Association

    Veronica Thompson, WCSD Parent

    Jason Trevino, Chief of School Police

    Chris Turner, Chief Information Officer

    Jim Verdi, Principal, Spanish Springs Elementary

    Prim Walters, Principal, Diedrichsen Elementary

    Maureen Wander, Teacher, Diedrichsen Elementary

    Dr. David White DDS, Nevada Dental Association, American Dental Association

    Tiffany Young, Equity and Diversity Director