• Welcome, new Sophomores and Juniors to TMCC High School. This page is dedicated to our new students for the 2020-21 school year.

  • Required College Textbooks for New Sophomores

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    All sophomore students will take College EPY 101(section 1706 or 1707) & NUTR 121(1701 or 1703) their 1st Semester at TMCC HS. Your student can check their MyTMCC account to find out which section they are in (either section uses the same book). You can purchase the textbooks from the TMCC Bookstore, Textbook Brokers or any online textbook website (for example Amazon). If you rent a textbook at the TMCC Bookstore you must be 18 years or older (you can have your parent rent the textbook).

    EPY 101 Textbook:

    On Course Study Skills Plus Edition

    $30.49 to $130.75 (Prices and Information from TMCC Bookstore)

    1. Edition: 3rd
    2. ISBN: 9781305397484
    3. Author: Downing
    4. Publisher: Cengage Learning
    5. Formats: PAPERBACK, BryteWave Format

    NUTR 121 Textbook

    Contemporary Nutrition: Functional Approach (Connect Access) Or Contemporary Nutrition (w/Connect Access)(LLF)(Custom TMCC)

    $118.50/$156.75 (Prices and Information from TMCC Bookstore)

    1. Edition: 5th
    2. ISBN: 9781259965074/ISBN: 9781260097900
    3. Author: Wardlaw
    4. Publisher: McGraw-Hill

    TMCC Bookstore website - https://www.bkstr.com/truckeemeadowsccstore/home

    Textbook Brokers website - https://reno.textbookbrokers.com/


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  • I received an email from the College that I owe money what should I do?

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    Don't worry! The Washoe County School District will pay your fall & spring college classes. If you recieve an email from the college stating if you do not pay your classes will be dropped you can just ignore those emails. 

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  • Should I Take Summer School?

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    If you need Health, PE or Computer Lit you have a great opportunity to take care of these requirement this summer if you are currently enrolled in a Washoe County School District High School. The Edgenuity program for this summer will allow you to move freely through the program and there will be no final. Once you complete the course work you will receive the credit and grade you earned. 

    Sign up for the summer class at your home high school and when you are fully enrolled at TMCC HS we will monitor your final progress through the class.

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