Changes to Email: Modern Authentication

  • What You Need to Know

    Microsoft will be decommissioning its Basic Authentication application, which WCSD has long used to enable email authentication, and moving to "Modern Authentication". 

    We understand this may be a bit of a change and inconvenient for some, please understand WCSD does everything they can for ease of use for the end-user with respect to security which we keep at the utmost level for everyone’s safety.

    Please check to ensure you are using the updated version of Microsoft Outlook for your computer and the Microsoft Outlook mobile app for your mobile devices (see below for instructions). In addition, please read the "Known Modern Authentication Impacts" to ensure you are ready for the move to Modern Authentication. 

    What are the Benefits of "Modern Authentication"?

    Modern Authentication is the term that Microsoft uses to refer to its implementation of a specific framework for client/server authentication. 

    Benefits of Modern Authentication:

    • Enables a more secure sign-in for Office 365 applications (Outlook, WCSD Office 365 Email, Teams, etc.);
    • Prevents common attacks to better protect accounts; and the district in its entirety.
    • Disables the less secure POP and IMAP protocols and better positions WCSD for future enhancements.

    What Does This Mean?

    Known Modern Authentication Impacts:

    • Non-Outlook Email Applications: Any email application using POP or IMAP (e.g., the “Mail” app on your Mac) will no longer work. We recommend moving to Microsoft Outlook for your computer and installing the Microsoft Outlook app for your mobile devices.
    • WCSD email accounts linked to non-WCSD email services: The linking of your WCSD email account to Gmail, Yahoo! or Hotmail (for example, so you can see all your messages in one inbox), will no longer function.

    What Do I Need to Do?

    Please check to ensure you are using the updated version of Microsoft Outlook for your computer and the Microsoft Outlook mobile app for your mobile devices. 

    Check your version of Outlook on your Computer:

    Click here for instructions on how to check your version of Outlook on a PC and Mac.
    If you are using the following versions of Outlook on your computer, you do not need to do anything.

    • Outlook 2016 or 365 for Windows
    • Outlook 2016 or 2019 for Mac OS

    If you are not using the above versions:
    For WCSD-owned Computers, you have two options:

    Non-WCSD-Owned Computers:

    Check your version of Outlook on your Mobile Device

    We recommend that you use the Microsoft Outlook mobile app on your mobile device(s) to access your WCSD email and calendar. The native (built-in) mail and calendar clients may not work with Modern Authentication (e.g., the “Mail” app on your iPhone). 
    *Please note: The Microsoft Outlook mobile app will be the only mail and calendar application supported by WCSD.

    To get the Microsoft Outlook mobile app, please follow this link from your mobile device:
    Get Outlook for iOS and Android.

    Questions or concerns/issues please contact the help desk at 775-789-3456.