• 09-22-2020 Regular Meeting

    09-22-2020 Regular Meeting

    Budget Update; presentation from State COVID-19 Task Force; appointment of Sharon Kennedy to District A vacancy

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  • 09-08-2020 Regular Meeting

    09-08-2020 Regular Meeting

    Presentation from principals and students on their experiences during the first weeks of school; approval of a standing agenda item related to review of community risk of COVID-19, to include consideration of changes to the current learning models based on data indicators; presentation on the decision-making process in closing schools; approval of the application and interview process to fill the vacant District A seat; and approval of the proposed settlement with former Superintendent Traci Davis.

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  • 08-25-2020 Regular Meeting

    08-25-2020 Regular Meeting

    Approval of District Bill Draft Request (BDR) for 2021 Nevada Legislative Session; approval of the Washoe County School District Strategic Technology Plan, Phase 1; and continued discussion on the metrics for a threshold to close schools due to a COVID-19 outbreak in the community

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  • 08-11-2020 Regular Meeting

    08-11-2020 Regular Meeting

    Preliminary approval of recommended BDR for 2021 Nevada Legislative Session; approval of 2020/21'A' Major Projects Program; approval of GMP 2 from United Construction Company for the expansion and renovation of Darrel Swope Middle School; presentation on the Local Empowerment Advisory Panel; preliminary approval of the proposed metrics to be used to move schools to full distance learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic; and update on the re-opening of schools.

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  • 07-28-2020 Regular Meeting

    07-28-2020 Regular Meeting

    Approval of CARES Act Grant application; presentation from Washoe County Health District regarding; and reaffirmation of July 7, 2020 actions related to elementary school learning model, middle school learning model, and high school learning model

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  • 07-21-2020 Regular Meeting

    07-21-2020 Regular Meeting

    Update on 2019 Special Session of the Nevada Legislature; and preliminary approval of revisions to Board Policy 5400, Student Attendance.

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  • 07-07-2020 Regular Meeting

    07-07-2020 Regular Meeting

    Incline High School Theater Naming; affirmation of Group Insurance Committee Plan Year 2021 rate increase of 0%; presentation and approval of 2020-21 School Year Re-opening plans

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  • 06-26-2020 Work Session

    06-26-2020 Work Session

    Superintendent evaluation; Strategic Plan bridge document; and portrait of a graduate presentation.

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  • 06-23-2020 Regular Meeting

    06-23-2020 Regular Meeting

    Approval of Board Resolution 20-008; update on the Office of School Leadership Reorganization and improvements to Special Education programming; presentation and direction on plans to be submitted to the Nevada Department of Education related to the re-opening of schools; presentation on the educational specification process for the Debbie Smith Career and Technical Academy; and presentation and affirmation of the use of best practices in policing by the Washoe County School District Police Department

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  • 06-09-2020 Regular Meeting

    06-09-2020 Regular Meeting

    Approval of CFPC recommendations; presentation and discussion on the re-opening of schools for 2020-21; approval of 8th grade SHARE curriculum; Zoning Advisory Committee recommendations related to elementary schools in the North Valleys; and direction regarding options on school start times

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  • 05-29-2020 Work Session

    05-29-2020 Work Session

    Superintendent Evaluation discussion; Strategic Plan update discussion; Board policies related to the superintendent

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  • 05-26-2020 Regular Meeting

    05-26-2020 Regular Meeting

    Public hearing on FY21 Tentative Budget and approval of FY21 Final Budget; award of Nutrition Services contract; naming of new Michael Inskeep Elementary School in Cold Springs; approval of recommendations from the Zoning Advisory Committee; approval of GMP #3 for the new Procter R. Hug High School located at Wildcreek; Strategic Plan reporting

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  • 05-12-2020 Regular Meeting

    05-12-2020 Regular Meeting

    Superintendent Employment Agreement; Graduation Celebrations and Senior Recognition for the Class of 2020; Budget Update; COVID-19 Impacts Update; Naming of CTE Academy

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  • 04-28-2020 Regular Meeting

    04-28-2020 Regular Meeting

    Appointment of Dr. Kristen McNeill as Superintendent of Schools for the Washoe County School District

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  • 04-14-2020 Regular Meeting

    04-14-2020 Regular Meeting

    Approval of 5-Year Capital Improvement Plan; presentation and discussion of legislative and budget impacts of COVID-19 health emergency

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  • 03-31-2020 Regular Meeting

    03-31-2020 Regular Meeting

    Approval of Tentative Budget; suspension of public bodies (committees) of the Board of Trustees until further notice; cancellation of superintendent search process

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  • 03-10-2020 Regular Meeting

    03-10-2020 Regular Meeting

    Presentation from EDAWN; presentation on Early Childhood Education; approval of proposed Code of Conduct for the Board of Trustees; approval of Information Technology Networking Equipment bid

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  • 03-10-2020 Work Session

    03-10-2020 Work Session

    Superintendent Search

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  • 02-25-2020 Regular Meeting

    02-25-2020 Regular Meeting

    Adoption of Board Resolutions 20-003, 20-004, 20-005, and 20-006; presentations on graduation supports for students, Equity & Diversity including Social & Emotional Learning, and federal grants; and approval of the Guaranteed Maximum Price #2 with Clark/Sullivan Construction for Earthworks and Utilities related to the construction of the new Procter R. Hug High School located at Wildcreek

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  • 02-25-2020 Work Session

    02-25-2020 Work Session

    Budget and Superintendent Search

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  • 02-11-2020 Regular Meeting

    02-11-2020 Regular Meeting

    Approval of the District Capital Improvement Plan, including the 2019/20 'D' Major Project Program; approval of CORE Construction as the Construction Manager at Risk and TSK Architects for the William O'Brien Middle School rebuild project; presentation on the reorganization of the Office of School Leadership related to special education supports and services; approval of zoning recommendations related to high school attendance zones for the 2021-22 School Year

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  • 01-28-2020 Regular Meeting

    01-28-2020 Regular Meeting

    Approval of job description for the Superintendent of Schools for the Washoe County School District; presentation of school colors and mascots for John Bohach Elementary School and Marce Herz Middle School; approval of contracts related to the construction of the new Procter R. Hug High School at Wildcreek; presentation on coordinated efforts with Washoe County Health District on health outbreaks in schools; presentation on Safe Routes to Schools; presentation and action regarding School Within A School (SWAS) programming

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  • 01-14-2020 Regular Meeting

    01-14-2020 Regular Meeting

    Annual reorganization of the Board; public hearing and approval of Board Resolution 20-001; presentation on the Education Alliance; update on Assembly Bill 168 regarding student discipline; and presentation on employee incentive programs

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  • 01-14-2020 Work Session

    01-14-2020 Work Session

    Superintendent Search

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