• Progress Update #2


    School Performance Plan Implementation: Using data from your fall interim assessment(s) please provide a short narrative (100 words or less) to capture your progress in the implementation of your School Performance Plan thus far.

    Summary of progress: Our Leadership Team and faculty that attended our SPP review and data carousel have reviewed our current and past data to identify our strengths, celebrations, and areas for improvement. We have utilized data to drive our mission, instruction, and interventions needs for our students; but not limited to the above-mentioned data sources. For the purpose of the School Performance Plan we reviewed our current SPP, needs assessment survey (staff), data profile, climate data, EL Data, interim common assessments, observation data, and peer observations.

    Professional Development



    Next Steps

    SMS continues to meet weekly with Departments (ELA, Science, Math, Social Studies, ENCORE- Math, ELA, and SS has identified priority standards

    Lack of time- Certified faculty coaching has been an issue and an adjustment to practice schedule has increased more time for staff to meet

    Identify pacing guide accuracy and adjust as needed after analyzing common assessments.

    Family Engagement





    Next Steps

    Great success with our first 2 schoolwide family events- and first cup of coffee-

    Parents getting our communication via connect ed and notes home- time for parents to attend events

    Track percentage of families engaging in attending data chats (Oct 29-31st)

    Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment




    Next Steps

    Math, ELA, Social Studies/History- Dept. have collaborated to identify priority standards, common assessments.

    Lack of time for grade level planning

    Difficult to fill our Literacy and Sped teaching positions

    Difficult to fill our Aide positions for SPED

    Difficult to fill sub positions

    Establishing pacing guides that utilize common assessments to make instructional decisions on students who have met standards

     Sparks Middle School Interim Assessment report interim data here:

    • 6th grade Map data indicates 29% of our 6th grade students scored at or above the district grade level mean RIT although only 57% of our students were tested.
    • 7th grade Map data indicates 37% of our 7th grader students scored at or above the district grade level mean RIT although only 41% of our students were tested.
    • 8th grade MAP data indicates that 31% of our 8th grade students scored at or above the district grade level mean RIT.
    • ELA PROGRESS TOWARDS INTERIM ASSESSMENT: Due to late access to AIMS WEB Plus and MAP-our ELA departments are currently administering a writing benchmark assessment and will report out by Mid- November.

    Based on this data, list the adjustments (if any) you will be making to your action plan?

    What targets will you set for the Winter benchmark based on this initial data?

    1. Both Math and ELA will administer MAP assessment prior to January.
    2. Both Math and ELA certified faculty will complete their SLO prior to January.
    3. Both Math and ELA departments administer 3 interim assessments that identify progress toward the priority standards.
    4. Students identified in Math and ELA will meet SLO growth targets.
    5. Increase the percentage of students with valid test scores for MAP assessment to at least 90%