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  • October Progress Update

                Duncan has made great progress in the development, refinement, and implementation of our plan for this year.  We have conducted professional development for the entire staff in the implementation of benchmark with a specific focus on student outcomes and provided stipend time in addition to that for teachers to plan implementation of the professional development content.  We have also scheduled Phonics First training for several members of the staff that requested or needed that training and have worked with the district curriculum office to schedule similar training for the LLI program.

                We have made progress with the effective use of the new reading adoption though we do have some concerns about the pacing of the program for this year.  Teachers are still learning the program and working to become critical consumers; a process that we expect to take the full year and recognize as a normal part of any new adoption.  We will continue to hold professional development around the adoption and work with our supports including WCSD Curriculum and Instruction and TNTP to build teacher efficacy with the program.

                In terms of family engagement our new FACE Liaison has made great progress in making families feel welcome and in providing additional meaningful volunteer opportunities.  The turnout we had at our back to school event was excellent and our other events are steadily growing.  We are working to bring a new CIS representative onboard as quickly as possible though we have faced several challenges with that partnership.  It is our hope that once the new CIS begins work they will be able to offer additional supports and opportunities for family engagement.