• School Performance Plan

    Action Steps


    Sparks Middle School School Performance Plan Action Steps 2019/2020

    Professional Development:

    Monthly Content Area Collaborative Team meetings that collaborate through authentic dialog around student work to make data driven decisions to decrease the opportunity gap (catch up, keep up, and growth).

    Family Engagement:

    Continue to engage faculty in increasing Home Visits (120 total) per year while providing meaningful resources for families to support increased student achievement as well as social emotional learning.

    Engage both teachers and families in student led conferences in October 2019

    Continue Second Cups of Coffee: Title I Compacts, TSI criteria and designation, supports for raising teenagers, HOPES Clinic, Family BBQ, Family Round Up (Specifically to share TSI Information.


    All Content Collaborative Teams will implement the PLC model of maintaining a common Guaranteed and viable curriculum. Content Collaborative Teams will determine priority standards, ascertain when students will be proficient with standards throughout the year, create a sequence of units with pacing criteria, establish what students will have to know and be able to do as a result of learning the standards in each unit, document unit plans and identify district/school resources teachers can use for their instruction of the identified standards.