Dorothy Lemelson S.T.E. M. Academy will set high expectations for learning every student will achieve to meet or exceed proficiency by fifth grade. We will soar with Eagles! 


    Dorothy Lemelson STEM Academy will  

    • set and achieve high expectations for student learning aligned with Nevada Academic Content Standards at each grade level creating a foundation for educational excellence to graduate high school and be college or career ready. 
    • use asset-based language to build the social-emotional competencies of each student. 
    • empower our English Language Learners to meet performance expectations through a language rich learning environment focused on collaborative conversations, academic vocabulary, and writing experiences. 
    • create opportunities for all students to engage in and experience a high-quality science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education that supports life in the New Nevada and global economy.  

    Goals and Collective Commitments 

    Dorothy Lemelson S.T.E.M. Academy is committed to fulfilling our vision and mission by focusing time, attention, and finances on Four Pillars of Impact: Collaboration, Integration, Inquiry, Community Stakeholders 


    • We plan collaboratively for the implementation of NVACS and STEM based instruction.  
    • We will focus on language and essential learning standards and the measure by which they will be assessed. 
    • We plan for small group Tier 1 instruction to promote proficiency by fifth grade. 
    • We will plan effective questioning strategies to promote collaborative conversations in the classroom and move student thinking to the next level. 
    • We will plan to explicitly teach cooperative strategies to ensure students participate in collaborative conversations and build problem solving skills. 
    • We will plan for students to use technology as a 21st Century learning tool. 
    • We will create common learning assessments and plan for their administration.  
    • We will monitor each student’s learning on a timely basis and provide additional time and support for learning until the student becomes proficient.  


    • We will ensure the vertical alignment of our school curriculum in all content areas. 
    • We will intentionally integrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics into all content areas. 
    • We will clearly communicate content and language objectives to students before each lesson 
    • We will clearly communicate to students how they will demonstrate their knowledge 


    • We will post our essential (driving) questions and refer to them continuously during discussion and learning activities. 
    • We will model connections between the essential questions and skill-based instruction. 
    • We will facilitate frequent discussions wherein students share their thinking, expand academic language, and use target vocabulary in discourse.  
    • We will provide students with opportunities to pose questions and respond to peers about text or content in extended conversations. 


    Community Stakeholders 

    • We will respect, value, and connect with all members of the school community. 
    • We will ensure students have meaningful relationships with staff members and guests to our school. 
    • We will provide regular communication to the school community in our students’ native language. 
    • We will invite stakeholders to participate in the development of the School Performance Plan and its quarterly review.  
    • We will invite experts into the classroom to enhance learning and help students make connections to real world and STEM careers.