• Star Spangled Banner Virtual Choir  Due: 5/2/20 before 5pm.


    1. Please encourage all Concert Choir members to record. We want all members to be featured on the video.  Use peer pressure. lol A perfect recording is not needed.  In fact, if they want their voice turned down in the mix, we can do that if they would like. We just want their face.  Plus, this will cost a lot and I'd like to invest in a larger choir rather than just a few people.

    2. Look your best! This virtual choir video will be used for the City of Reno event that will air on  May 9th and will be used for our Choir Awards video and any Billinghurst Celebration videos.

    3. You will need headphones and 2 devices to record correctly. Also, make sure your face is evenly lit when recording. (a bright room or a lamp nearby) 

    4. Your first device will be used to play my conducting video with your headphones in.

    5. Then, set up your 2nd device (phone recommended) about 1 foot away--we'd like to see you from the shoulders up. 

    6. Set it up to record vertically (not horizontally).

    7. While you play my conducting video with your headphones, record yourself singing your part. The practice tracks to your parts are below if you'd like to review your part.

    8. I suggest recording yourself at least 3 times and select the best of the 3.  Pick the one that matches my conducting. Really work to watch my cutoffs and cues so that everything lines up well.

    9. Share your recording to my bilinghurstchoir@gmail.com  Google drive or dropbox.  It will be too big to send through email.  Or you can send me a link that is downloadable.

    10.  Here's my conducting link:  SSB Conducting Link

    11. Thank you so much for your time and energy.  This will be a very cool thing that you can look back on for years to come.  Let me know if you have any questions.

     Star Spangled Banner Practice Tracks

    SSB Soprano

    SSB Alto

    SSB Tenor

    SSB Bass


    August 21st McQueen Song Fest 


    Please RSVP by Friday, 8/16

    Song Fest Flyer

    Youtube: Pentatonix "Sing"


    August 24th A Cappella-Con @ McQueen


    $14 includes t-shirt

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