Honors Earth Science

  • Green Earth Earth Science is designed to give the student a strong basis for understanding the world. The course consists of a varied curriculum that provides the student the opportunity to explore, compare, research, reflect, and make real-world connections. The curriculum, which meets Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), engages students in problem solving and scientific investigation, and provides opportunities for both hands-on exploration and virtual simulation.

    During the first semester of this course, the student will learn about natural resources and explore issues surrounding human management of resources. Topics of study include water resources, energy resources, and rock, mineral, and land resources. The student will investigate the impact of resource consumption on humans and the environment. The student will also explore Earth’s processes of rock and mineral formation and plate tectonics.


    During the second semester of this course, the student will learn about space sciences, including topics like the sun and stars, orbital motion, galaxies, and the universe. The student will also explore Earth’s processes involving the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and geosphere. Topics of study include meteorology and geologic history.


Earth Science Portfolios

  • This course does not currently utilize the class website for portfolio instructions.


    Please refer to your Connexus lesson for portfolio instructions.  You are encouraged to click to the submission page for each lesson to see if it is being required before you begin working on portfolios in the course.  If the dropbox is closed/ unavailable, you can consider the preceding activity a PRACTICE activity.  Take notes as needed, but no need to submit.

Semester B

  • Please refer to the detailed instructions provided within the Connexus lessons.