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    The Pathway to Positive Progress will be updated every 2 weeks to reflect progress made on our commitments.

    The Pathway to Positive Progress is the Superintendent's plan for the first 60, 90, and 120 days of the 2019-2020 school year.

    How will we evaluate our progress towards our employee commitment?
    • We will track an improvement in the tone of employee comments on social media, surveys and from feedback gathering meetings
    • We will track an improvement in the tone of community comments via a variety of sources
    • We will track the reduction or removal of the introduction of system-wide changes without employee/stakeholder input
    • We will transition from a crisis mentality to a stability message, demonstrated in Interim Superintendent communications, Board of Trustees communications,
    Board of Trustees Meetings, Leadership Team meetings, and other districtwide and school-based meetings
    • We will, as a Leadership Team, increase participation in morale-building activities, assume a visible leadership role within the school district and the community
    • We will create a mid-year/semester survey on the implementation of the Pathway to Positive Progress Plan
    • We will provide a public reporting process made on employee input


    Download the current Pathway to Positive Progress document.


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