Sept 19- KTMB:  This is the day of our September monthly meeting for all members. Meet in room 205 right after school to do our fall clean up from McQueen to the Northwest Library.  This is a terrfiic activity and it goes quickly when everyone comes to help.  All Knights & Ladies are required to do at least one of the two clean ups we do each year.  All members sign in when they arrive to track your time for this event.  Bring your hours sheet. 


    Sept 21- PEAVINE CHILI FEST:  from 11am to 2pm. the volunteer shifts are 10:30 to 12:30 and 12:30 to 2:30. We help Peavine out every year.


    Sept 23- MCQUEEN JOB READINESS: Help set up the tables in the small gym right after school for the sophomore job interviews. This should not take too long and is an enormous help to the school. Ms. Williams from the career center or any adult present can sign off on your hours. 


    Oct 19 & 20- MCQUEEN CRAFT FAIRE: All K&L members volunteer for a minimum of 2 hours. Your contact is Ms. Greene. She is in charge of the volunteers and she will sign off on your hours.  Most volunteers are required to do more than two hours and she is allowing K&L members to be an exception to that rule.  Here is is some information about this:

    • Help is needed on Saturday, Oct 19 and on Sunday, Oct 20
    • Sat hours are 10-5pm
    • Sun hours are 10-3pm  
    • Jobs consist of either working the ticket tables or being a floater (this person walks the craft fair and gives breaks to the crafters)  
    • Time slots for Saturday, October 19 are normally from 9:45am - 12:45pm (and you may work two hours as a K&L member) OR from 12:45pm - 3:00pm (you may work 2 of those hours) OR from 3:00pm - 5:00pm
    • Time slots for Sunday, October 20 are from 9:45am - 12:45pm OR from 12:45pm - 3:00pm   
    • Again, you may show up at any of these times and find Ms. Greene to help you select ticket tables or floater.  Ms. Greene will sign off on your hours.
    • You are only required to work 2 hours.


    Oct 20-VERDI ELEMENTARY PUMPKIN PATCH FROM 10 AM - 4PM: This is done with our students in leadership. The date is Sunday on the same weekend as Craft Faire. Verdi needs volunteers for games/events. Sign ups are in 2 hour shifts (10-12, 12-2, 2-4) and the goal is to have 2 students at a time for each of the 16 games/events. Please volunteer for at least a two hour increment. Please come a few minutes early to your shift so you can get situated. Students are welcome to work as long as they like and with a 4 hr. shift, you get a snack, and if you work the whole day – 6 hrs.- you get lunch and a snack. The games are carnival games like tic tac toe, soda toss, football toss, Plinko, wishing well, candy wheel, ball roll etc. Everything is pretty easy to run.

    When you get to the Verdi school (250 Bridge Street Verdi, Nv  345-8100) look for the volunteer table which is by the baseball field. Sign in there. Verdi requests that you wear a McQueen shirt of some kind so that you are recognized as from McQueen  –wear comfortable shoes etc. too. If you have a Knights and Ladies shirt, that would great to wear for this event. Verdi states they are grateful for any volunteers. Sign up in room 205 Thursday Oct 3. 


    Oct 24-MELTON HARVEST FESTIVAL: All sorts of help is needed for this elementary school festival.


    Oct 26-DISCOVERY MUSEUM HALLOWEEN TRICK OR TREAT:  There are two shifts, 2:30-5:30 and 5:00-8:00pm on October 26. It will be hosted at the Discovery. It is a Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Event and we will be helping by passing out candy. Stacy D'Arcy, the volunteer coordinator will be present that evening to sign off your hours. Sign up in room 205 Thursday Oct 3. 


    Dec 7- Santaland at Westergard Elementary School:  The event runs from 8-12, so students need to arrive around 7:30am. Students help with gift wrapping and to help students with their “shopping” experience (Elves) in the school cafeteria. Your Westergard contact is Rachel Huff. Westergard will take as many students as are willing as this is a volunteer heavy event. Sign up at the Novemeber club meeting. 


    Jan 25 - Interfaith Youth Conference for Students Who do Volunteer Work:  Registration at UNR starts at 8:30 - program begins at 9AM. It ends at 3:00pm. Two documents are needed; the flyer and the waiver. When you look at the flyer, you will see not only a QR code that gets you into the application where you register; the scholarship info is also found there. Our group will be hosted by Patricia Meidell and she will cover the $25 registration fee. The flyer is also below and will be available at our meeting. Once the app is filled out you are automatically registered. Where it says scholarship - enter Yes and then put Pat Meidell/McQueen as reference. The waiver needs to be printed out, signed by parents, and brought the day of the event to UNR to be handed in. The waiver is mandatory and is required to get into the conference. We will have copies of the waiver at the Jan 16 emergency meeting. When you open the registration, you will also see more information about the program details themselves. This is a rare opportunity for us in Reno to hear Collin Karchner who has spoken nationally to over 600,000 youths last year. Through the program, Knights and Ladies will be offered an opportunity to help plan a service project of their choice based on the presenters showcased  "In Your Backyard". You will be given service credit for the preparatory planning and then more credit for the actual project completion when it takes place. This service is good to show on college applications.


    Feb 5 - Food Bank of Northern Nevada: from 5:30 - 8:00 pm. The location is 550 Italy Drive in Sparks.  We need everyone to come! Sign up sheet at the January meeting. You must fill out the new volunteer application. It only takes a few minutes.


    Feb 16 - TobyMac's Deep Christian Concert at the Events Center:  They are looking for some volunteer students who would be interested in serving alongside the concert with the child sponsorship organization, Food for the Hungry. Along with volunteer service for the event, volunteers get to enjoy the concert for free. The concert is Sunday, February 16th, and call time for volunteers that evening is 4:30 PM. Volunteers will be helping to pass out information for the charity at their nonprofit booth before the concert and during intermission. They ask that volunteers are 16+ or 14-15 with an adult.They want to accommodate service hours for students and young adults. Sign up link is below:


    Feb 21: You can earn a McQueen Activity Letter if you are a sophomore, junior or senior what has completed at least 40 hours of volunteer service.  Applications are available at the office.  The deadline is February 21. Knights and Ladies members who are using their hours from the club can use their hours sheets for verification of your hours. 


    March 9- KTMB:  This is our last community clean up for the year. Everyone should come. Meet in room 205 right after school to do our clean up from McQueen to the Northwest Library.  We ask that everyone come to make this go quickly. All members sign in when they arrive to track your time for this event.  Bring your hours sheet. 


    Mar 15 from 7:30am - 9:30am- The Leprechaun Race: We are honored to get this opportunity!  Volunteers meet inside the Discovery to check in with Stephanie DArcy who will also sign off on our hours. This is one of the most delightful, extremely fun events that we are fortunate to get to do close to the end of our volunteering year.  Sign ups will take place at the February meeting. NOTE: THIS ACTIVITY WAS CANCELLED BY DISCOVERY DUE TO COVID 19 :(



    SUMMER 2020: Renown is offering summer volunteer opportunities for students that will count for approved hours. This is also a fantastic chance for anyone who may also be interested in pursuing something from the medical field after graduation (although that is not a requirement).  The sign up packet is quite lengthy and copies of the entire packet will be available by contacting Mrs. Menicucci ahead of time as the packets will be copied as requested by students. IMPORTANT: APPLICATION DEADLINE IS MARCH 13. Acceptance emails go out by March 20.