ELA: How Can You Expect to Stay Informed?

  • I attempt to make myself accessible in many ways and various hours. I will try to accommodate you as much as possible. Below are a list of methods you can expect to use to contact me and stay informed with the classroom.

    • Email - (kmccarthy@washoeschools.net) I diligently check my email; this is the best way to get ahold of me. I typically get back within the same day, if not the next. There may be an extended delay in response over the weekend, holidays, or school breaks.


    • This Website - Through this website I will include a weekly, up-to-date, agenda as to what is going on in our classes. This will help you to be proactive, and stay ahead on classwork!  I also post digital copies of the texts that we are reading in class.


    • Infinite Campus - Our school uses Infinite Campus. It is a great tool to see exactly what is going on in your student's life with grades, attendance, behavior, and more! Remember, this tool is reactive, so in many cases, it may be too late.  The website agenda will allow you to be proactive.


    • Microsoft Teams - As an attempt to promote technology, many assignments will be held on our class teams.  All is accessible at home by logging into your student account.  Visit: teams.microsoft.com


    • Phone - You can reach me at the school's number at (775) 626-0060.


    • Conferences - Families: I'd always be more than happy to meet with you for a conference. The times that are best for this is after school. Simply call or email me to set up a conference. I prefer your student to be in attendance for these meetings and often have my conferences student led.


    • Community events - I like to make it a point of stopping by throughout the year at games and other community events. Keep me in the loop; I want to come support you! You can invite me to anything by emailing me.


    • Permission Slips - You can expect to see frequent permission slips sent home regarding films and other resources we may be using in class.