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Edgenuity Overview and Good Fit

  • 3:25 Minute Video Overview of Student and Teacher Experience

    More details will be found in the Help Center

    Behavior Signs of a Good Fit

    Students who have a satisfying experience learning online usually share the following behaviors.

    • Good time management
    • Effective communication channels to ask for help
    • Independent Study Habits
    • Self-motivation
    • Able to navigate and use tools online

    If a student is lacking in these areas, a mentor who can help monitor & motivate progress is extremely important. And help student create a predictable routine that removes any barriers to getting started and increasing time on task each day. Another tip for struggling students would be to keep their momentum while working by not letting them sit and wait to progress through lessons. Lastly, recognize that computer-based instruction may not be the best fit until behaviors are fully supported.


  • Helping Students Be There Best

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    Introducing Students to Edgenuity

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  • How do I login at home?

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    Students go to Log in with WCSD username and password. Username is and password is studentID

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  • How do I use the program?

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    When you login the first time, it will prompt you to watch an orientation video. This should answer the majority of your questions. If you need further assistance, please contact your teacher or use Help Center resources below.

    For Parents

    How to support a student


    For Students

    Orientation Videos English/Spanish

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  • What do I do if I need help?

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    Students, Teachers, or Parent/guardians may call the Edgenuity Help Hotline at 877.202.0338, or email Edgenuity at CustomerSupport. The Department Of Extended Studies supports middle and high school implementation and Joe Genasci or Sandi Foster may be contacted at 775.353.6990.

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  • How long do I have to complete the course?

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    Course work is to be completed within a semester from start of enrollment. Exact dates and times for deadlines are posted on the Edgenuity site under, “Communications and Announcements” It is in your best interest to work at least an hour per day, per course. So, if you are enrolled in two courses you should plan on spending at least two hours each day completing course materials. If you are starting a "bonus course" after completing a course within a semester you will have the rest of that school year to complete the "bonus course". 

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  • Color Codes and Monitoring Progress

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    You must complete all required coursework and pass the final exam with 60% or higher in order to earn credit. If your progress bar is in the red, that means you are behind and need to get caught up. blue means on target, and green means you are ahead.

    A teacher should only click on “Complete” only after they have verified notes and test review (due diligence)

    How A Teacher Monitors Progress


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  • How do I know what my grade is?

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    Click on “My Course Info” after you login. You will see three grades. The Overall Grade is what you have earned on completed assignments. Teachers should reference this grade daily to determine whether a student is beginning to struggle with mastering the content. If this metric begins to decrease, the student is not mastering content. The Actual Grade adjusts for progress if a student is behind. This score doesn't assume zeros for uncompleted work; simply penalizes for falling behind. Assigning zeros could swing a grade dramatically depending on the weight of the uncompleted activities. The actual grade takes progress into account and shows students who are not on pace. Some teachers use this for progress reports. The Relative Grade is the grade that a student would receive if he/she stopped working and received 0% for all unfinished activities. The relative grade is the final grade in course for CR and CA course tracks.

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  • How do I translate the text and instruction?

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    When in a “Course Activity” the word “English” in the top right hand corner is a drop down menu to change languages. The top six will also translate verbally.

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  • How do I take e-notes?

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    Click on the orange button next to each lesson. You can pull up your e-notes during quizzes as well. E-notes will appear on all quizzes. Click on “Advanced” to add symbols, bullet points, exponents, etc.

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  • How many attempts do I get on each quiz, test, and final exam?

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    You are allowed three attempts (with pre-testing counting as one attempt in Credit Recovery courses that have pretesting turned on). Note that Credit Accrual courses have pretesting turned off. You may use your notes on quizzes or tests other than the Final Exam.

    If the notes are incomplete or missing, you will need to have the student correct them and have you review them again before allowing them retakes.  Another option would be reset direct instruction, which will force student to re-watch and take notes. 


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Distance Education Forms & Toolbox

  • Plan Of Study For Middle School Quarters

    If a school has a student who would benefit from full-time Distance Education using Edgenuity online curriculum, the counselor must work with admin and family to agree to a "plan of study". Use this form to create the plan of study and submit to Sandi Foster at Extended Studies for approval. It's important to note that the course schedule on plan of study aligns and matches the student's Infinite Campus schedule and reflects full-time status throughout the semester.

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Extended Studies Directions & Map