Countdown to Graduation

  • Daniela Pinto-Camacho

    Incline High School

    “My parents always had really high expectations for me. If everything goes well, I will be going to college soon, and I'm going to be the first in my family to actually do that. So it's really exciting for me to go and do something that no one in my family has done before.”


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  • Ashe Altareb-Hartman

    Academy of Arts, Careers & Technology

    “The Communication, Arts, and Media Academy is my absolute favorite, because I spend most of my time applying the things I learned in video production and photography into the real world. I couldn’t ask for anything better.”


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  • Orlando Crespo

    Wooster High School

    “My favorite part would probably be interacting with all these teachers, getting to know them, and allowing them to be part of my life. At the beginning of freshman year, I wasn't really motivated, but I began to get more motivated by doing sports, and realizing that teachers counted on me. So it motivated me to push myself to go above and beyond.” - Orlando


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  • Megan and Matt Smallhouse

    North Star Online School

    “It's been extremely helpful and it's been vital in my success, in my being able to train wherever I want, and being able to travel to competitions. I'm training most the time in Park City, Utah, so if I didn't have North Star Online School allowing me to complete school from Utah, I wouldn't be able to do what I do. So it's been really helpful.”


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  • Randall Hudson

    TMCC High School

    “It's been great. I’ve been here for the last two and a half years and I've enjoyed it. I've been active in student government. I had experiences that allowed me to gain more maturity, and then definitely develop myself professionally.” - Randall


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  • Jade and Chris Long

    Reno High School

    “Losing our mom has always been more of a bonding for all of us, as her family. We're a really close family. We call ourselves the Long Clan, so we're just one big family unit. We're very close, we all have each other's backs, and I would do anything for my family, in a heartbeat. ”


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  • Elizabeth Melendrez Barajas.

    Damonte Ranch High School

    “My family is my everything, and being a first generation student, it's kind of hard. There's definitely a lot of pressure to set an example for my siblings, and not only to my siblings but to the rest of my family. I'd like to think they look up to me, and I really do help them with anything. ”


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  • Rhyann Kindrick

    McQueen High School

    "Always stay positive - you never know what's gonna come at you. I mean, you just have to deal with what you have and make the best of it. I've played varsity all four years for softball, and this year it's me and another girl that are captains. So, it's kind of cool to finally be a captain and help the younger girls that we have. It will help me a lot to become a leader..”


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  • Dalton White

    Washoe Inspire Academy

    "It’s better than all the rest of the high schools, because there's only 40 kids and three teachers. You can have one-on-one time with each teacher. You can graduate early. I struggled a little bit coming here, at first, but every month that goes by, it makes me stronger in this school.”


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  • Alyssa Enriquez

    Galena High School

    "I've learned to heal and just focus on things that are positive, rather than constantly focusing on the past and the negative things that happen to me. I want to really provide an example for my little sisters and yeah, that's what has motivated me every single day.”


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  • Alyssa Rudeen

    Turning Point

    "In the future, I’ll just keep going, like I did in high school. Don’t let anything stop me, even if it is rough, just keep going. Because once you get to the top of the mountain, it’s a really beautiful view.”


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  • Scott Moore

    Picollo School

    Scott Bartlett, Scott’s teacher: “The growth I saw over those four years – it's like I've had to rethink everything. I mean, he's been able to do things that I never thought he could accomplish, so I'm just kind of amazed by him now, every day.”


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James Renfrow

Sparks High School

“I’m moving on to the next stage. It hasn't really fully hit me yet. It’s going by all so fast, so you know, once I take a minute to process, to sit down and actually think, I think it'll actually hit. And yeah, it's been a long journey!”

Paulina Zamarripa

Hug High School

“I plan on attending the University of Nevada, Reno. I'm first-generation. I'm going live on campus to get all the help that I need. I'm going to try to make connections with my professors – I feel like that's what I'm already really good at. I plan on doing my undergrad in Pre-nursing, and then my major is going to be nursing. So I'm going to be a registered nurse, and I plan on working at Renown as a labor and delivery nurse.”

Bryn Rosemore

Innovations High School

“I did grow up in a system where if it wasn't adults telling me I couldn't do it, it was people that were my age telling me I couldn't do it. I think that's kind of shaped me into wanting to be a prosecuting attorney, and wanting to advocate for other people who can't advocate for themselves.”

Leo Grass

Spanish Springs High School

“The work ethic that I mostly took was: if you're not gonna do anything 100%, or try, then you're kind of wasting your time, because like, you’ve got to do your best on everything and give it 100%. And even if you're not very good at it, people see that you're trying, and they salute you for that.”

Angel Barboza

Reed High School

“I don't know, I would say I'm just driven. I've always been set on my goals. I have on my mirror, I have my goals written out, like long-term, short-term. So, I’d say ‘driven’ is probably the best word. Short-term goals right now: get an A in AP stats. Long-term: get into medical school. My dream is to go to Stanford, actually, so that's probably a long-term goal for me.”

Thierry Shema

RISE Academy for Adult Achievement

“It's definitely satisfying to know that I'm a step closer to achieving my dreams. Back when I was in Kenya, I felt like it was just a dream, just aiming for the stars, which I would probably never make. But now, when I got here and saw all the opportunities, I'm starting to gain hope, I'm thinking that I can do it. It's been work and struggles, balanced, a lot of ups and more downs. It's been challenging, but I'm glad that God helped me make it.”

Destini Keesee

Gerlach K-12 School

“I read like so many books a month I could barely keep count when I was a kid. There's a lot of books over here in the young adult section that I've read five times before. Even now, I still get like the giddy feeling when I find a book I love, then I have to read it now!”

Cindy Hernandez

North Valleys High School

“My biggest advice for someone that I have learned from past experiences is that your voice matters, and you have as much value as you give yourself. As long as you believe in yourself and you know that you are doing what makes you happy, then that is all that you need at the end of the day.”