• Mendive Orchestra: Digital Day Assignment

  • All students must complete the following assignment to be counted for their orchestra class on our Snow Day/Digital Day.


    Listed below is a list of acceptable activities that may be used to complete this assignment.  Students have until 1 week after the Snow Day/Digital Day to turn in this assignment for credit.  It can be turned in electronically to Ms. Rader at her email NRader@washoeschools.net (in the body or an attachment) or a hard copy can be submitted on the return to school (hand-written or typed).


    1) Read one of the articles at the website below and write 2 paragraphs (4-6 sentences) about your chosen article.

                - http://stringsmagazine.com/category/stories/


    2) Watch a YouTube video (minimum of 10 minutes) of someone playing your instrument (orchestra or solo) and write 2 paragraphs (4-6 sentences) about what you learned or noticed.


    3) If you have your instrument, practice music for your orchestra class for 20 minutes and write 2 paragraphs (4-6 sentences) about what you worked on. (This practicing does NOT count toward your Accountability Chart or Silver Strings Practice Chart.)