• World History

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    This course provides students with a comprehensive examination of world history from ancient times through the Global Age. Students will begin by exploring prehistory and early civilizations, focusing on the ancient civilizations of the Americas, Egypt, India, China, Greece, and Rome. Students will then study Medieval Christian Europe from the early to the late Middle Ages, followed by regional civilizations with a focus on the Muslim world, Africa, and Asia. Finally, students will explore early modern times with a focus on the Renaissance, Reformation, and the Global Age. In the second semester, students will get a comprehensive examination of world history from the Age of Absolutism through the present day. Students will explore social, political, and economic changes of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, focusing on the Industrial Age and independence movements around the globe, including the impact of nationalism, imperialism, and the world wars. The later part of the course covers such topics as the Cold War, new nations, and the effects of globalization.

  • How did the Industrial Revolution change life dramatically?

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    In your post, you are going to write a thesis statement. Answer the question: How did the Industrial Revolution change life dramatically? Here is an example of a thesis statement: The Industrial Revolution changed life dramatically with urbanization. Keep you theis simple.
    Next, give me 2-3 pieces of evidence about urbanization (or whatever you used in your thesis.) You can quote Connexus: "Urbanizatioin is the movement of people from rural areas to cities." You can paraphrase Connexus. For example, People were working in factories, not farms. Think people, places, things, dates. For example, This happened in Britain.
    Finish with your opinion on urbanization-or whatever you used in your thesis (reasoning.) Here's my example: Living in a city is better than living on a farm because I wouldn't want to make all my food or clothes from scratch. Amazon makes me life so easy!
    Due Wednesday, February 6th by 4 PM
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