• TMCC High School
  • TMCC High School is prepared for WCSD to call a Digital School Day.  These days are designed to allow students to complete their academic work from home in the event that the weather and road conditions are too hazardous to travel to school.  Our staff has worked to provide students with engaging lessons for them to complete both online and offline. A digital day will only apply to their high school classes. College classes are in session until the college decides to cancel. For all of the up-to-date information please stay connected to our website, Facebook and Twitter page. Updated information will be posted in these places. 


    How does it work?

    1. The district will decide to call a Digital School Day. 
    2. Our students will get an email from their teacher by 9 am with the day's lesson.
    3. Teachers will be available via email (or other platform they have specified) at both 11:30 am and 2 pm to answer questions.
    4. Students will submit the final product as completed via email or in person.
    5. The highlight will be that the school calendar will not change...no make-up days at the end of the school year.


    Important things to remember.

    1. If your student doesn't have access to the internet or a computer, they will need to check in with the teacher upon the return to school and complete the make-up assignment just as they would for an absence.
    2. If the college closes campus, the school will be on a Digital School Day.   


    How attendance will work.

    1. Students will be marked Domestic until they turn in the assignment.  This will change to TEP (with means Temporary Educational Placement) once the digital day assignment is completed and turned into their teacher.
    2. If a student does not turn the assignment in, that will be considered an absence and will count against your student in terms of Chronic Absenteeism.
    3. If you already had a pre-arranged absence scheduled, then it will be fixed once the make-up work is turned in.  


    For more information about Digital School Day click here to see the WCSD Digital School Day website and FAQs.