• Attendance Policy for the 19-20 School Year:

    For a complete WCSD Attendance Manual, please visit  https://www.washoeschools.net/Page/8789

    Families must call the school each day their student(s) is absent to acknowledge their absence and ensure their safety / Las familias deben llamar a la escuala cada dia que su estudiante falta a clases para avisar a la escuela y garantizar la seguridad del estudiante.

    Elementary Students can miss no more than 17 days per school year / Estudiantes de primaria - no mas de 17 dias de ausencia al ano

    All students should make up any missed work resulting from an absence to keep up with their classes. However, make-up work will not remove the absence from their records / Todos los estudiantes deberian hacer el trabajo de recuperacion make-up work cuando falta para mantenerse al dia. Sin embargo, el trabajo de recuperacion no eliminara las faltas de su record.

Last Modified on September 4, 2019