• 2018-2019 Digital Day Plan


    Dear Parents/Guardians of O’Brien STEM Academy Students:


    This year, Washoe County School District is supporting us in implementing a plan for missed instruction due to snow days or days when the school building is closed. Such days are known as digital days because students learn digitally at home. Students will be required to complete all class assignments from missed days. Teachers either will provide packets of classroom work or will have online assignments for students to complete. Please ensure that your student completes all missing work so that we can count your student as “present” on digital days. Here are the steps:


    1. Parents check the Washoe County School District website to confirm that school is cancelled due to inclement weather. They may also receive a district connect ed message with this information.
    2. If teachers suspect that a digital day will be called, students will have a packet of work or log in information for all online learning resources; if a digital day is called without warning, digital assignments will be posted via Microsoft classroom or google classroom by 8:00am. Teachers will also be peridoically available via email until 2:00 p.m.  Students who are unable to access digital assignments may complete their hard copy assisgnments or may make up the asssignment upon their return if parents provide a note stating that they were unable to access the digital assignment.
    3. Students should complete assignments on the digital day itself;
    4. Students will be coded as “TEP” (Temporary Educational Placement) once students complete snow day assignment to indicate that work has been submitted. If a student does not complete the digital day assignment, that code is changed to “unexcused absence.
    5. With this new plan in place, we do not need to make up any snow days or school cancellation days where digital days take place!


    Parents, please contact your student’s teachers if your student does not have your permission to utilize Microsoft Classroom, Google Classroom, or if they do not have permission to access the internet from home. Thanks for your help in ensuring that our students complete all digital day assignments!