CLUBS: In addition to a great education, Incline High School has many ways that students can participate in activities within the school.  Club meetings are posted on the digital announcement boards and on the Club Wall.  You can also create your own school club.  Find a teacher who will be your advisor, get it approved with Administraton and start recruiting! Here is a list of our current clubs:

    School Clubs

    PART-TIME JOBS AND COMMUNITY SERVICE: If you are looking for volunteer hours for community service or a part-time job, we have provided some on our Student Employment and Community Service Opportunity pages.

    Student Employment Opportunites

    Community Service Opportunities 

    Be sure to keep track of your hours as these can go towards scholarships and college applications!



    "What should I wear to school today?"  Before you decide, know what you can wear.  Here are the standards for the district and our school.

    Dress Code Standards

    "Can I use my phone in class?"  "What happens if I am late to school?"  Here are our policies and the Progressive Discipline contract for all Incline HS students.  You are usually forgiven for the first offense but after that, it can all start to add up.  Check it out here:

    Student Behavior Contract