The PSAT protocols and test booklets have been distributed to your students.  Your student now has their scores and the access code to practice for the SAT and juniors and sophomores for next year’s testing for the PSAT in October.   Below is the information on how to access to the website.  It has information on how to read to link the score, testing and practice in the Khan Academy, college and career search and information.  We will be offering an SAT test in the school this March for juniors only.  More on the registration for this as we get the information from Collegeboard.org will be available soon.”

    YOUTUBE site: Understand Your PSAT Report,   There are several “YouTube” informational “flix” that are useful in the same area.  Please note that there are earlier post from 2015 and before that are not useful.

    PSAT Parent Presentation

     SAT/ACT Prep

    Click here for some SAT and ACT Power Classes Method Test Prep.