• TMCC High School is a 10-12th grade middle college high school, where students work
    toward an associate degree or technical certificate while earning a high school diploma.

  • When can I apply to TMCC High School?

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    Students apply in their 9th and 10th year to join us for 10th or 11th grade.

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  • When will the application be available for the upcoming school year?

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    The application for the fall semester of the upcoming school year will be available in December. Please check the application page of our website.

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  • How many students do you accept?

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    We can accept up to 50 sophomores and up to 50 juniors every year.

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  • Where should I go for my freshman year?

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    As a freshman, you can attend your zoned school, a Signature Academy, online, or charter school. The decision is up to you. These are the preferred courses you should take as a freshman:

    Computer Literacy (Computer Science & Applications – 1 semester) – ½ credit

    Health (1 semester) – ½ credit

    PE (TMCC HS does not offer any PE courses. Speak to your counselor about ways to earn the 2 credits necessary for high school graduation)

    Biology (both semesters) - 1 credit (a must)

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  • How much does it cost to attend?

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    The Washoe County School District will pay your tuition and fees. You are responsible for your college books. Students can apply for textbook assistance, which is awarded based on availability of funding. There are also yearly school fees. Please refer to the parent/student handbook for the fee schedule.

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  • Is there transportation to the TMCC High School campus?

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    WCSD does not provide transportation to TMCC High School. Students are transported by parents or purchase a reduced price student RTC pass.

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  • Is the calendar the same as all WCSD High School?

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    The calendar for TMCC High School starts with WCSD and then follows the college schedule with no fall break, longer winter break, one week spring break, and the school ends in May. You can find the calendar at

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  • I don’t have my PE credits, what can I do?

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    Currently, the TMCC PE classes do not transfer as PE credits that are required for graduation.  Students are required to earn 2 credits (4 semesters) to earn a WCSD diploma. Students may obtain athletic waivers through athletic participation at their zoned school. Students may also investigate options offered through Extended Studies or through BYU. Speak to your school counselor about the best options for you. 

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  • How do I get recommendations from my teachers and counselor?

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    Students should contact their teachers and counselor to notify them about their desire to attend TMCC HS.  Students will provide the following TMCC High School Teacher/Counselor Recommendation Form link via email.  The forms will automatically be sent to TMCC High School.

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  • When do I take the Accuplacer test?

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    Students do not take the Accuplacer until round 2.  Students must receive conditional acceptance from TMCC High School prior to taking the college Accuplacer. 

    Below is a description of what occurs in each round:


    ROUND 1

    -Complete an application to TMCC High School 

    -Review criteria include grades, attendance, credit attainment, writing sample and teacher recommendations

    Junior Applicants:

          -GPA is 3.5-4.0, one core (English, Math, or Science) teacher recommendation; the counselor recommendation is optional.

          -GPA is 3.5 and lower, two core teacher recommendations and one counselor recommendation

    Sophomore Applicants:

          -Submit two core (English, Math, or Science) teacher recommendations and one counselor recommendation.


    ROUND 2 (Must receive conditional acceptance to proceed to round 2)

    -Receive notification of conditional acceptance from the high school

    -Apply to TMCC (You've already applied to the high school, but the college also needs you to apply)

                                   TMCC Application for Admission

    -Register and take Next Generation Accuplacer exam in Math and English 

      • Quantitative reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics (We look for 263 or higher)
      • Reading (We look for 228 or higher)*Not meeting these scores does not necessarily mean denial of acceptance. Please submit the scores and seek guidance from staff.

    -Upon submitting scores to the high school, sophomores will schedule a time for an Orientation/Interview

    -Upon submitting scores to the high school, juniors will schedule a time for course registration


    ROUND 3

    -Receive formal notification of acceptance

    -Juniors attend New Student Orientation


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  • What college classes can I take?

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    With very few exceptions (human sexuality courses, religion courses, non-credit-bearing courses), students have access to the entire TMCC College course catalog. Courses must be part of the student’s approved academic plan.
    Sophomores are co-hosted and required to take the following college courses: Nutrition 121, Chemistry 100, EPY 101, and Communications 113.  
    Common College Courses for TMCC HS Students include:
    Math 126, 127, etc.
    English 101, 102
    Art classes (drawing, pottery, etc.)
    Auto tech classes
    American Sign Language
    Sciences (Chem, Physics, etc.)
    Business 101
    Economics 102, 103
    Political Science
    Criminal Justice
    Humanities electives
    Check out the Courses offered at TMCC Courses offered at TMCC

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  • What can I do to prepare?

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    • Pass all of your classes, take biology, stay on track, and maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA.
    • Maintain good behavior and attendance at your current high school.
    • Prepare for the Accuplacer (college placement exam for Math and English)
    • Practice on Accuplacer Study Site! Accuplacer Practice

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  • I heard I need a laptop to attend TMCC HS, what kind should I get?

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    Students are required to have a personal technology device (laptop, iPad, tablet, etc.) to participate fully in high school and college courses. If a student does not have a device, TMCC HS works with the college to check a laptop out to the student. TMCC HS does not recommend a specific type of device, it comes down to user preference. 

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  • Can I participate in sports or extra-curricular activities at my zoned school?

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    You can participate in certain classes (space permitting) and activities, including sports, at your zoned school with permission from the zoned school principal.

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  • How do we get lunch on campus?

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    There is a café on the Dandini Campus and vending machines in all the college buildings. TMCC High School offers a meal assistance program that is similar to free and reduced lunch. The application will come in your starter folder, or you can find it on our website or come pick one up in the high school office.

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  • Can I learn more?

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    We will hold several virtual information events to talk about the school overall and walk you through the application process. Check washoeschools.net/tmcchs in the fall for dates and times.

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