Passion Projects
  • Independent Study/Passion Project

    Work to be completed in GATE classes, research can be done at home in addition to class research time.

    GATE Aug. to Sept. 2019

    Topic:  Any person of your choosing that is approved by Mr. Steinmetz 


    1. Pick and develop a person that focuses your interest.
    2. Use at least 3 sources which represent the results of your study.
    3. Complete notes on all sources on separate lined paper (in the IJ) and then re-written on note cards.
    4. Complete a Project Poster that illustrates your topic.
    5. Complete ONE example that represents your project, could be a model, a book, or other that relates to your topic.
    6. Present project on designated day. TBD


    *Note cards on 3 sources, and information for the presentation.

    *Product: Create a poster to be included with the presentation. Each poster will include four sections: One-the topic itself, Two-the most interesting thing learned, Three-the most unusual thing learned, and Four-Why someone should study this topic, with an illustration for each.

    *Present some example that relates to the topic, see 5 above.

    *Presentation: with note cards, poster, and pictures from the internet-in the form of a slide show.

    Presentation days: Each class will present on the day of their regular GATE class, the final dates TBD. 

    Presentation cards: Each presentation must have the comments written on 3 by 5 cards. Each card/idea must have the source listed.

    Presentation poster:

    Included in the presentation is a poster, created to show the most various aspects of the topic. Poster paper will be provided in each class for each student.

    Final Presentation:

    Complete a simple presentation. It must have a least 5 slides to demonstrate the information that you wish to present. Each student can use at least 5 pics, with the maximum of 10. Student comments will be based on the information written on the 3 by 5 cards, and the presentation poster to be included in the comments. All presentations should be no less than 5 minutes, and with a maximum of 15 minutes in duration.