General Questions

  • Why is digital learning important?

  • How is the District protecting students while they are online?

  • Why is every WCSD student issued an email address?

  • Why can I not opt my child out of having a District email address?

  • What is WCSD’s position on “screen time” for students?

  • How can I help keep my child safe while they are online?

  • What is Digital Citizenship?

1:1 Programs

  • What is a 1:1 Program?

  • Which schools currently have 1:1 Programs?

Data Security and Privacy

  • Data Analysis

  • How Does WCSD Ensure Data is Safely Shared, Maintained, and Secured Internally?

  • Digital Learning Tools and Third Party Services

  • Student and Staff Accounts and Email

  • What is the Microsoft Office 365 Digital Learning Platform?

  • Why Does WCSD Collect and Maintain Student Data?

  • When and Why Does WCSD Share Data?

  • What Laws Govern School Service Providers?

  • Where Can I Find a List of School Service Providers Used in WCSD?

  • How Will I be Notified in the Event of a Security Breach by a Provider?