• Absence policy:

    New this year, the district has adapted its absence policy.  Every absence of any sort is considered to be unexcused up to and until the student makes up for the work that they missed that day.  In order to determine what work you have missed, please check the class calendar on this website.  I should have the work sorted per period per day.  (I'm doing my best here, so forgive me if the calendar is off a couple of days).

    Late work:

    You can retake/redo any missing or low late assignment or quiz up to and until the next unit exam.  Please check your infintie campus to see what assignment/quiz scores are low or missing.  You can find printed copies of any assignment or quiz in the top drawer of the cabinet in my room. 

    *** If you're turning in an assignment or quiz to make up for absent work, please indicate it on the top of the paper so that I know to change your attendance for that day***