• Mission Statement

    The Elementary PASS Program is dedicated to creating a supportive environment that develops responsible and productive citizens for our diverse and rapidly changing community. PASS students will receive behavioral interventions and an enriching comprehensive educational experience that teaches social, personal, and academic skills to promote student success as they work towards returning to a less restrictive environment.


    Program Description

    PASS is a self-contained program housed at Hunter Lake Elementary School. It is designed to effectively address the individual needs of special education students who have demonstrated significant behavioral regression relating to mental health in a less restrictive environment (LRE) even with supplemental aides, services, modifications, and individual behavior plans. Students are placed in the PASS program through the IEP process after all resources have been exhausted in a less restrictive setting. The PASS program provides a system of support that is threefold:


    1. To help students acquire and develop effective, positive replacement behaviors so that they can be successful in a less restrictive setting.
    2. To support students making adequate academic progress.
    3. To extinguish behaviors that impede a student’s ability to be successful in a less restrictive setting.


    Students are given work at their developmental levels and the WCSD adopted curriculum and texts are used in all classrooms. PASS has a counseling component that addresses the social-emotional needs of the students through weekly group and individual counseling sessions with a school social worker.


    SAAR Classroom (Skills Acquisition & Assessment Room) - When students enter PASS, they start in the SAAR Classroom. The focus of this classroom is on acquisition of specific SEL skills. Students are given work at their developmental levels. Once the students earn five consecutive excellent days, they will continue their education in one of the grade level PASS classrooms located at Hunter Lake ES. Students may return to the SAAR classroom for behavioral interventions if three consecutive unsatisfactory days are earned.

    PASS Grade Level Classrooms (K-4; 5-6) – Once students have earned five consecutive excellent days, they go to one of the two self-contained PASS classrooms located at Hunter Lake ES. Both classes are taught by a special education teacher and students are given work at their developmental levels and the WCSD adopted curriculum and texts are used. Students will continue to earn positive points and positive reinforcement, moving them through the level system, and opportunities to push-out into general education classes are discussed with the team when students reach level 4 of the program.



    • Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports
    • Daily collection of data to document progress towards behavior and academic goals
    • Small group instruction for academic & social skills instruction
    • Daily social/life skills class, focusing on individual behavior goals
    • Structure and consistency
    • Self-contained program that transitions students with support into the general educational environment


    PASS has a Level System and a positive classroom behavior management system that provides positive reinforcement for positive skills, with response costs and re-teaching to extinguish inappropriate behaviors. Points are awarded for replacement/appropriate behaviors. Positive reinforcement – both verbal and tangible- is given at regular, frequent intervals throughout the day, to reinforce positive behavior. All staff receives on-going training in order to implement the PASS program with consistency and fidelity. Staff is also provided ongoing feedback to ensure that the program is being implemented with fidelity.



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