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    Chemistry Syllabus 

    Class 1/14: In class: Quiz, notes on single and double replacement reactions. HW: do 5 combustion problems from the worksheet we started in class. 

    Class 1/6: In class: Notes and practice on naming/formula writing acids. Notes and practice on balancing chemical equations. HW: Balancing chemical reactions worksheet (back of the worksheet we worked on in class.) 

    Class 12/4: In class: moles quiz, denisty, percent composition. HW: STUDY for moles test 12/10, do 1 % composition problem, scavenger hunt due next class. 

    Class 12/2: In class: moles scavenger hunt. HW: Moles quiz next class, moles test 12/10, final 12/17, scavenger hunt 12/6

    Class 11/21: Due: Triple point lab. In class: naming/formula writing practice, moles to grams notes (so now we have moles, grams and particles done from our cheat sheats.) HW: Moles, particles, grams worksheet. 

    Class 11/15: In class: Matter notes, phase diagram practice, started practice quiz. HW: We're NOT going to quiz on matter but go straight to moles. ASK QUESTIONS to make sure you understand the material! 

    Class 11/4: In class: Flame test/fireworks lab, article. HW: STUDY for test 11/13, lab questions 1 due Friday

    10/31: In class: naming/formula writing & Lewis structures quiz. Began review for unit test. HW: STUDY for unit test 11/13

    Class 10/29: Due: Lewis structures maze. In class: Learned Periodic trends, Reviewed for Lewis structures, naming/formula writing quiz next class. HW: STUDY for the quiz

    Class 10/24: Due: Lewis structures worksheet. In class: Went over quizzes and had time to work on the Lewis structures maze. HW: Lewis structures maze due next class

    Class 10/22: In class: Lewis structures notes and practice. HW: Lewis structures worksheet. 

    Class 10/3: Due: 5 Bohr models In class: atomic structures practice. dot notation. electron configuration battleship. HW: Try not to forget chemistry over break! Quiz 10/18 (The first Friday back.) 

    Class 10/1: Due: 20 electron configurations. In class: Nobel gas configuration, Bohr models. HW: 5 Bohr models. Quiz (after break) 10/18

    Class 9/27: Due: M&Mium In class: DA practice, electron configuration introduction. HW: 20 electron configurations. 

    Class 9/25: Due: Atomic structures worksheet. In class: M&Mium HW: M&Mium worksheet (data table and questions.) 

    Class 9/23: In class: SLO preassessment, introduction to new unit. HW: Atomic structures worksheet

    Class 9/13In class: time to work on the maze, study guide for the test. HW: Maze due next class. STUDY for the test! Multiple choice portion on Tuesday, problem set on Thursday. The study guide will not be graded. 

    Class 9/11: Due: Density lab In class: quiz HW: Unity test 9/17. Maze due on day of the quiz b/c we did not have time to work on in in class today. 

    Class 9/9: Due: Denisty worksheet. In class: density lab. HW: Finish density lab. Study for quiz next class (study guide below.)

    Class 9/5: Due: DA worksheet. In class: density notes. HW: Density worksheet. I updated the testing schedule: QUIZ 9/11 (see study guide) TEST 9/17

    Class 9/3: Due: observation lab. In class: DA notes and practice. HW: DA worksheet

    Class 8/29: Due: 20 *more* ionic compounds. In class: observation lab. HW: Finish the observation lab (if you didn't finish in class.) 

    Class 8/27: In class: Quiz, polyatomic ions/ionic compounds. HW: 20 additional ionic compounds names and chemical formulas. Make sure at least 5 of those use transitional metals and an additional 5 use polyatomic ions. 

    Class 8/21Due: metric magic square In class: notes on scientific notation and ionic compounds using transitional metals. HW: Scientific notation & sig fig worksheet. 

    Class 8/19: Due: 20 names/formulas of ionic compounds. In class: notes on significant figures, +/-3 ions and homework time. HW: metric magic square

    Class 8/15:Due: height/wingspan conversions. In class: metric conversion practice, recieved our periodic tables, ionic compound notes and practice with +/-1 and +/-2 naming and formula writing.  

    Class 8/13: In class:  Reviewed some algebra concepts, intro to Dimensional Analysis (DA) by doing simple metric conversions. HW: Measure your height and wingspan and convert to meters, centimeters and kilometers.