• The primary responsibility for dress and grooming rests with our students and their parents/legal guardians. However, the District does reserve the right to establish comprehensive dress code with limitations for students which addresses what clothing they may wear and how they may wear that clothing. School authorities have the professional responsibility and legal sanction to enforce student dress requirements, and within this authority, the right to request that students change their attire to conform to the District’s dress Code. The following requirements are not intended to silence expressive conduct, but instead, constitute an attempt to maintain a productive, safe, learning environment. As specified in Washoe County School District procedures, “the dress or grooming of all students must not present potential health or safety problems or cause distractions.” Exceptions may be considered for religious or medical reasons.

    The student Dress Code Policy will be reviewed with students the first day of class and retaught if necessary for students to follow district policy. 

    Please review the district policy in the Parent/Student Handbook on pages 23-25.  Parent/Student Handbook English or Spanish