• The WCSD Board of Trustees recognizes that homework can play an important role in building a student’s sense of responsibility, self-discipline, and life-long learning habits.  Additionally, the Board believes that time spent on homework can directly influence a student’s ability to meet the Washoe County School District’s academic standards. The Board maintains that conventional purposes for homework are practice, preparation, check for understanding, and development of work habits.  Homework, when utilized in a school/class should be viewed as routine and an important part of students’ daily lives. 

    1. Students are required to read a minimum of 30 minutes each evening.  They may read their library books, books from home, the newspaper, online books or magazines, small books to siblings, or even the directions to cooking dinner that evening.  Any reading can help a student with fluency, word recognition, vocabulary acquisition, and comprehension, or understanding what they have read.  It is the student's and parent's responsibility to ensure time and space is set aside for a student to be successful with this task. 



    2. Students will be given math work to complete in class daily.  If work is not completed for any reason, it will turn into homework to be completed by the next morning. 

    3.  Music Practice.  Lois Allen ES supports our 6th grade music program by allowing 6th grade students 90 minutes a week to have music lessons at school.  Students are either in Strings or Band.  Regardless of class, all students should be spending 20 minutes a night practicing music.  This could be practice by playing on the instrument, reading the music, or cleaning their instrument. 


    4. At times, students will be given reading assignments to complete at night so they are prepared for the next day's lesson.  These will be assigned at times when class time is required for discussion and writing.

    5. If a student is absent, all make-up work must be done at home and turned in within 3 days of the student's absence. This is per the WCSD Attendance policy.  SEE Attendance Policy page.