• Viking Day 2019


    Traner Middle School Digital Learning

    1:1 Technology


    Traner Middle School is excited to announce that our school will be a 1:1 technology school for upcoming school year. Each student will receive a laptop that will be checked out to them for the school year. Our teachers will be integrating digital learning and 21st century learning into the curriculum. 

    Parents are required to view informational videos that outline expectations and guidelines before a device will be issued. We are requiring each parent or guardian to acknowledge that they understand and agree to the requirements after viewing. 


    Digital Learning Required Videos


    Click on the links below to watch the required videos. These videos cover important information about student and family responsibilities and expectations for 1:1 technology. In addition to the videos, a detailed handbook will also be available. Both the videos and the signed acknowledgement/ agreement found in the handbook must be completed prior to laptop checkout. 




    Digital Learning 1:1 Orientation Video (Required Viewing) 

    Spanish Subtitles

      Digital Learning 1:1 Orientation Video (Required Viewing)