• PE and Wellness Booster                                                                                                                                                    

    Incline Elementary School: Health and Wellness Science Booster   

    Mission: The Incline Health and Wellness Science Booster Committee is dedicated to supporting healthy lifestyle choices for our students and their families by connecting them with fitness instruction, wellness activities, mental and physical health community partners, and nutritional guidance and resources to create healthy minds and bodies.

     IES Health and Wellness Science Program Coordinator Responsibilities:

    Fitness and Wellness Science:

    o    IES students will receive one day of movement science/fitness in PE (45-minute block) in each 6-day cycle alternating with an outdoor ed/science lab (45-minute block)

    o    In movement science/fitness class, IES students will learn fundamentals of movement, PlayWorks activities to build social emotional learning, team building, and leadership skills.

    o    In the outdoor ed/science lab, IES students will experience STREAM activities such as Harvest of the Month, Leave No Trace, NGSS science labs, winter preparedness, and environmental science activities.

    o    Tahoe-based Science partners:

    o    TINS Birding Club

    o    Get in the Act! Science Theater Workshops

    o    SWEP Science Fair

    o    Diamond Peak Dummy Downhill

    o    Tahoe-based science field trips

    o    SOS Outreach Learn to Ride Program

    o    Diamond Peak Kindergarten Ski Program

    o    Safe Routes to School

    o    Enrichment activities before and after school:

    o    Sports/Recreation activities

    o    Boys and Girls Club activities

    o    Proposed: Academic Fitness Lab: students use stationary bikes and ellipticals to engage in academic content through videos and guest speakers

    Mental Health:

    o    IES students will receive PlayWorks activity training in PE class

    o    PlayWorks activities support the social emotional learning of students by giving structure to play and by encouraging peer to peer empathy

    o    PlayWorks activities foster environments of respect and inclusion in healthy communities through healthy play

    o    The PlayWorks coach will train teachers and duty teachers how to implement PlayWorks activities to improve student behavior in the classroom, at recess, and in the lunch room

    o    Explore at www.playworks.org

    o    Proposed: Mindfulness Room to convert an unused classroom to a quiet space for meditation, yoga, stretching and reflection for students and adults




    o    As part of their science lab experience, students will learn about new foods in the Harvest of the Month program

    o    Proposed: Backpack Snack program to provide needy families with food staples over weekends and school breaks


    Healthy Lifestyles:

    o    Twice annual school-wide dental cleanings in partnership with IVCH Healthy Teeth Program

    o    Proposed: Community partner workshops for IES families hosted at the school; including counseling services, legal services, computer training workshops, English language classes or other supports for families



    Support Healthy Choices for Incline Elementary Families

    For the 2018-2019 school year, IES is working to combine Science, Outdoor Education, Social Emotional Learning and Physical Education into one coordinated, comprehensive program. We aim to develop students’ cognitive ability, social and emotional well-being, fitness skill-level, physical health and nutritional awareness, and lab science and outdoor experiential learning. In addition, we will connect students and their families with community resources for mental and physical health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness.

    Our Incline Health and Wellness Booster Committee will collaborate with our Incline Elementary Parent Teach Association to provide these important resources to our students and their families. We need community donations of funding, time, and talent to serve our more than 300 students and their families here in Incline Village. Both organizations have 501c3 status so your donations are charitable contributions.

    If you are interested in donating to the IES Health and Wellness Science Program, you can reach out to:

    • Sarah McMahan, Acting President of the Incline Health and Wellness Science Booster Committee at 775-287-0064 or peandwellness@gmail.com.
    • Sarah Morris, President of the IES Parent Teacher Association at www.iespta.com.
    • Daniel Zimmerman, Principal of Incline Elementary School, at Daniel.zimmerman@washoeschools.net or 775-832-4250

    For more information, you can visit us at https://squareup.com/store/PE-Wellness-Incline or www.iespta.com

    Health and Wellness Program Needs for 2018-2019:



    Kinetic Kids (Fitness and movement instruction for Kinder through grade 5 students)




    Young Scientists (Hands-on science activities and outdoor ed experiences for kinder through grade 5 students)




    PlayWorks Coach (Training for teachers and students on SEL-focused play)




    Health and Wellness Partnership Coordinator (Scheduling community partner events for Incline ES families)




    Harvest of the Month (exploring fresh, new, healthy foods)




    Get in the Act! Science Theater Workshops




    SWEP Science Fair




    Jump Start: Morning Fitness Program (before school M-F)




    Mindfulness Room




    Academic Fitness Lab




    Fitness Equipment




    Backpack Snack Program




    PlayWorks Equipment




    Fitness Technology: (heart rate monitors, tablets, pedometers…)




    Community Fitness, Mental and Physical Health, Nutrition, and Healthy Lifestyle Family Services

    You donate the service, and Incline Elementary will donate the space



    We look forward to a successful community partnership. It takes a village…Incline Village.