• Topic 7 - Polynomial Operations & Factoring

    If you lose your Independent Practice packet for Topic 7, you can download (and print) it here.  Remember, in order to save paper, no extra copies will be given in class if you lose your original.


    To assist you with the assignment, we have also posted the worked-out solutions in case you get stuck.  Remember, though, that although you can look at the solutions, they are there to GUIDE you, not to copy.  If you need additional assistance, please contact Mr. Grant at bgrant@washoeschools.net.


    Worked-out solutions to the Independent Practice can be found here.  These are to help you if you get stuck on a problem, and for you to check your answers.


    Lastly, if you would like to try the Practice Test for the Topic 7 exam, take it here.  To make sure you did everything correctly, here are the answers