Junior Interview Project

  • The 2019-20 Junior Interview Project and Career Fair will be held on Thursday, November 7th, 2019. Each junior will be visiting the large gym during their US History Class to participate in a mock-interview with a community volunteer. They will spend the other half of the period visiting a Career Fair with professionals in the fields of construction, engineering, law enforcement/criminal justice, military service and departmental representatives at UNR and TMCC (to name a few).

    Students will visit The CUBE during their English class the last week of October to develop a resume. All students will be expected to bring a resume with them on interview day. See below for the basic resume template..

    We wish to thank the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino for their kind donation of tables and lunches (for volunteer interviewers) and the Reno High School Booster Club for their donation towards Career Fair Exhibitor lunches. Donna Clark has volunteered her time, yet again, coordinating our volunteer interviewers. Gretchen Bietz and Shelly Bass have kindly coordinated the Career Fair.





Interview Do's and Don'ts

  • CLICK HERE for a short video featuring our very own Mr. Hackbusch

    What should I wear to my interview? We are asking all students to dress professionally, specifically business casual. That means conservative and clean.

    Girls: dresses, skirts (no shorter than mid-thigh when seated) or dress pants and blouses (no see through, chest baring, slinky), suits, dress sandals or pumps with a reasonable heel height (2" or less)

    Guys: collared shirts, ties if you have one, dress pants or khaki pants, suit jacket or suit (only if you currently own one), socks and closed toe shoes.

    PLEASE DO NOT LET ATTIRE CREATE STRESS FOR YOU. If you do not own clothes that you think are appropriate come see Mrs. Lerude in The CUBE.