• 12-11-2018 Regular Meeting

    12-11-2018 Regular Meeting

    Approval of 2019 Legislative Platform; adoption of Board Resolution 18-014; termination of I Can Do Anything Charter High School's charter effective at the conclusion of the 2018-19 School Year; approval of 2020 Capital Renewal Program; acceptance of the 2017-18 Superintendent Evaluation

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  • 11-27-2018 Regular Meeting

    11-27-2018 Regular Meeting

    Interviews for Chief Auditor position; presentation on movement of 6-8 grade middle school model and transition; presentation on emergency communications guide and website; selection of name of new elementary school in Kiley Ranch area of Spanish Springs as John Bohach Elementary School; and presentation of new school programming and reveal of mascots.

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  • 11-13-2018 Regular Meeting

    11-13-2018 Regular Meeting

    Acceptance of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2018; discussion on community budget forums and survey; transition of Alice Smith Elementary School, Double Diamond Elementary School, and Spanish Springs Elementary School from Multi-Track, Year Round Calendar to Balanced Calendar for the 2019-2020 School Year; and update on the monitoring progress of I Can Do Anything Charter School

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  • 10-23-2018 Regular Meeting

    10-23-2018 Regular Meeting

    Presentations on Handle with Care initiative, 2018 National Bullying Conference, and curriculum and interventions related to eating disorders; approval of the 2018/2019 'B' Major Projects Program; and update on metrics from the Strategic Plan.

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  • 10-09-2018 Regular Meeting

    10-09-2018 Regular Meeting

    Presentations on TMCC's Men of Color Mentoring Program and grant programming in schools; direction to the Superintendent and SHARE Advisory Committee related to timeline and curriculum for high schools; approval of revisions to metrics within the Strategic Plan; and approval of facilitator to conduct the 2017-18 Superintendent Evaluation

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  • 09-25-2018 Regular Meeting

    09-25-2018 Regular Meeting

    Presentations on Job Opportunities for America's Graduates, "We the People," and the District's Equity and Diversity plan; update on the activities of the Audit Committee; approval of Board Resolution 18-007, A Resolution to Support Quality Education for All Nevada Public Students; and approval of Board Resolution 18-008, A Resolution in Support of "iNVest in Education: Nevada Classrooms: An Opportunity to Succeed 2019"

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  • 09-11-2018 Regular Meeting

    09-11-2018 Regular Meeting

    Approval of agreements to provide occupational and physical therapy services; presentation on current and future capital projects related to new and existing schools and other District facilities; and preliminary approval of Board Policy 4214

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  • 09-06-2018 Work Session

    09-06-2018 Work Session

    Work session on the Superintendent Evaluation process

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  • 08-28-2018 Regular Meeting

    08-28-2018 Regular Meeting

    Presentation from Nevada System of Higher Education; decision to forego a Bill Draft Request for the 2019 Nevada Legislative Session; presentations from Office of Student Services on Action Research Project and "All Children Matter - 2018;" direction to prepare comprehensive healthcare Request for Proposal; approval of renewal of hospital services contract with Renown and third party administrator services with Hometown Health; and approval of increase to insurance rates for 2019 Plan Year.

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  • 08-14-2018 Regular Meeting

    08-14-2018 Regular Meeting

    Approval of $16,380,000 for Capital Projects programming; update on teacher vacancies for 2018-19 School Year; presentation from student on first week of school experiences; presentation on digital learning in schools; presentation on STEM/STEAM programming; recommendations to Insurance Committee regarding hospital contract and insurance rate/benefit plan; and preliminary approval of Board Policies 1321, 4214, 9082, 9062, and 9115

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  • 07-24-2018 Regular Meeting

    07-24-2018 Regular Meeting

    Presentation on Special Education Funding; public hearing on the issuance of up to $300 million in General Obligation Bonds; approval of final language to be used in Priority Based Budgeting process; and Strategic Plan reporting

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  • 06-26-2018 Regular Meeting

    06-26-2018 Regular Meeting

    Priority Based Budgeting Presentation; approval of the 2019-2020 School year Calendar; and approvals of Annual Charter School Performance Audits for Washoe County School District Sponsored Charter Schools.

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  • 06-12-2018 Regular Meeting

    06-12-2018 Regular Meeting

    Board Resolutions 18-003 and 18-004; approval of school lunch price increases as required by USDA; preliminary approval of Athletics and Activities policies; and approval of Employment Contract with Ms. Traci Davis as Superintendent of Schools, effective July 1, 2018

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  • 05-22-2018 Regular Meeting

    05-22-2018 Regular Meeting

    Approval of Final Budget for Fiscal Year 2018-19; award of Request for Proposal for District-wide Electronic Visitor Management System; preliminary approval of Nutrition Services Board Policy and Action Plan for unpaid meals; and approval of various zoning changes to attendance area boundaries based on new school construction

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  • 05-08-2018 Regular Meeting

    05-08-2018 Regular Meeting

    Annual presentation on Indian Education Programs and Data; approval of alternative calendar for Gerlach Schools; award of bid to Verizon for cellular communications tower at Reno High School; and approval of Guaranteed Maximum Price 2 for vertical construction of Nick Poulakidas Elementary School

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  • 04-24-2018 Regular Meeting

    04-24-2018 Regular Meeting

    Strategic Plan reporting; presentation on Education Alliance; Presentation on Multi-Track, Year-Round Calendar; consideration of the 2019-2020 School Year Calendar and changes to the Gerlach Schools Calendar

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  • 04-10-2018 Regular Meeting

    04-10-2018 Regular Meeting

    Approval of naming of Sparks High School soccer field; approval of completion of design of Arrowcreek area middle school; approval of the allocation of bond premiums; and approval of zoning changes for various locations, effective for the 2019-2020 School Year.

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  • 04-10-2018 Special Meeting

    04-10-2018 Special Meeting

    Recommendations on the Tentative Budget for Fiscal Year 2019

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  • 03-13-2018 Regular Meeting

    03-13-2018 Regular Meeting

    Selection of Desert Skies Middle School as the official name of the new Sun Valley area middle school

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  • 02-27-2018 Regular Meeting

    02-27-2018 Regular Meeting

    Presentation on prescription drug misuse and abuse; review of Board Policy 5340, Interscholastic Athletics; preliminary approval of Board Policy 4550, Staff Interaction with Students, Board Policy 3051, Fund Balance, Board Policy 3110, Preparation of the Annual Operating Budget, and Board Policy 3125, Budgetary Compliance and Periodic Financial Report; review of Board Policy 7546, School Nutrition Services; presentation from the Audit Committee; approval of the Chief Auditor Evaluation Tool; presentation on English Language Learner programming; and approval of conceptual plan for Edward C. Reed High School to proceed with fundraising for artificial turf

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  • 02-13-2018 Regular Meeting

    02-13-2018 Regular Meeting

    Presentation on Signature Academies & Career and Technical Education (CTE); update on Renown Hospital Contract; approval of Guaranteed Maximum Price 1 from Q&D Construction for site work and related construction services at Nick Poulakidas Elementary School; and declaration of intent to negotiate an employment agreement with Ms. Traci Davis as Superintendent.

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  • 01-30-2018 Regular Meeting

    01-30-2018 Regular Meeting

    Presentation on the Washoe County School District Fine Arts Department; approval of High School Math Instructional Materials; approval of World Language Instructional Materials; presentation on state and District assessments; and preliminary approval of Board Policy 4510, Protection of Students: Background Checks and Mandatory Reporting

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  • 01-16-2018 Regular Meeting

    01-16-2018 Regular Meeting

    Board Officer Elections

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