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    Child Find

    The Childfind Project is a federally mandated program that serves 3-5 year-old children. The purpose of Childfind is to conduct student special education evaluations and determine if students are eligible for services. If a child is eligible the Childfind staff works with school sites to place students in one of the over 70 Early Childhood programs in WCSD. Children are referred to Childfind by Early-Intervention services, other outside agencies and parents.

     What assistance do we offer schools?

    • Provide developmentally appropriate curriculum and services to preschool students with the primary goal of ensuring each leaves being kindergarten ready.
    • Provide support to school sites with early childhood programs.
    • Provide professional development for teachers.  
    • Provide consultative services to school sites.                                             Early Childhood

    The Child Find Project seeks to create public awareness of special education programs, to advise the public of the rights of eligible children and parents, and to alert community residents of the need to identify, locate, and assess qualified children who are suspected of having a disability or developmental delay, and needing special education and/or related services. The Child Find Project provides information in understandable terms in English and other languages commonly used by parents and children residing within the District’s jurisdiction. Child Find accesses qualified interpreters, when appropriate, to facilitate communication with the parent.


    Children may be referred to Child Find by parent, state or community agencies, private agencies, medical providers or facilities, private or parochial schools, preschool or day care centers or others concerned with the child’s needs.


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    Eliza Orellana 

    Child Find Secretary

    775-327-0685 #2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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    Child Find Office

    240 South Rock Blvd. Suite 101

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