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    Nevada Academic Content Standards

    In the WCSD Curriculum and Instruction Department, we have found the following links helpful in understanding and working with the NVACS.

    Common Core State Standards

    Introduction to the Nevada Common Core Standards

    The 6 ELA Instructional Shifts

    The 6 ELA Instructional Shifts are a set of descriptors for the Common Core that emphasize the importance of building knowledge, reading, and writing grounded in evidence from the text, and regular practice with complex texts and academic vocabulary. By matching classroom instruction to the 6 ELA Shifts, you are moving your students towards College and Career Readiness.

    CCSS Graphic Organizer

    The CCSS Graphic Organizer allows educators to quickly learn the terminology associated with the Core documents.

    ELA Common Core Standards

    Appendix A
    In Appendix A you will find key research supporting key elements of the standards

    Appendix B
    In Appendix B you will find exemplary texts as well sample performance tasks related to the Core Standards.

    Appendix C
    In Appendix C you will find a sample of student writing broken down by grade level.

    Myths vs. Facts

    This document is a brief overview of the standards including information about the content, process, and implementation of the CCSS.

    PTA Guide to Student Success

    The Parents’ Guide to Student Success—in English and in Spanish—was developed in response to the Common Core State Standards in English language arts and mathematics that 48 states have adopted.

    Publisher's Criteria in 3-12

    The criteria in the Publisher’s Criteria concentrates on the most significant parts of the CCSS for literacy. It describes implications for aligning materials with the standards.

    SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium SBAC

    SBAC is state-led consortium working to develop next-generation assessments that are aligned to the Common Core State Standards and that accurately measure student progress toward college and career readiness. Nevada is part of this consortium.

    The Hunt Institute

    To further aid states as they continue to implement the Common Core State Standards, the Hunt Institute and the Council of Chief State School Officers have commissioned a series of video vignettes that explain the Standards in far greater depth

    The Nevada Academic Content Standards

    Information for Nevada’s teachers about CCSS. At this site you can find Translation documents and informational PowerPoint presentations to support your learning of the CCSS.

    North Carolina’s website with the CCSS unpacked/deconstructed

    At this website, you will find the unpacking standards documents to support teachers in their understanding of the common core and essential standards. The unpacking documents demonstrate at a granular level the knowledge and skills students are expected to master at a particular grade.

    The Teaching Channel

    The Teaching Channel is a video showcase -- on the Internet and TV -- of inspiring and effective teaching practices in America's schools.

    Common Core Standards on your Mobile Device

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