• Incline High School

    School Closure Policy Explanation for Digital Days

    Digital Days, formally known as Snow Days, will not count against our attendance and are treated like alternative learning days, meaning that we do not have to make up the days at the end of the year.

    This means that students are expected to complete work when we have a Digital Day. The rotation schedule stays the same (A/B day) and teachers are either pushing out work online or assigning Digital Day assignments ahead of time. If the Digital Day falls on an A day, students are expected to complete work for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th periods. They have up to 5 school days to turn in work and teacher late work policies will still be in effect.

    If a student does not complete the assigned work, they will be marked absent for that class on the Digital.

    Three attendance codes will be used for Digital Days:

    DOM – (Domestic, unexcused absence) all students will start with this code

    DSD – (Digital School Day) code changes when assignments for the day have been turned in

    In the event of a school closure for any reason students and teachers will not report to school. If there is any question as to whether school will be open or not, parents, students, and teachers should call the snow line at 337-7509.

    Teachers must create an assignment for students in lieu of attending school during a closure. The assignment must be commensurate with the content that would have been covered during class for the duration of the closure. Students will have up to five (5) school days to complete the assignment(s) for each day of closure. The length of time will be up to each teacher’s discretion.

    The A/B rotation will not change. If school is closed for an A day, the next day will be a B day.

    WCSD Digital School Day-English

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