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  • Major Functions:
    1. Provide capital planning (short and long range), design, construction management and accountability of new construction, revitalization and replacement projects for all planned, new and existing school facilities which is essential to provide adequate up-to-date student housing.
      1. Capital Renewal - considering the age of  many of our schools, we spend much of our time and resources fixing what is already in schools and classrooms, bringing them up to standards.
      2. Revitalization - complete refurbishment of learning environments. This includes making our older buildings as safe and secure as possible.
      3. Technology and Infrastructure Upgrades - transitioning our classrooms into up-to-date locales of learning, offering students and teachers the best technology possible given current funding.
      4. New School Construction - when necessary, capital Projects plans for and creates new learning environments for our students in order to accommodate growth in Washoe county.
    2. Provide short and long term student enrollment forecasting for new facility identification and rezoning needs.
    3. Development and management of the District’s long range capital needs assessment. 
    WCSD Thanks the Community for Providing Additional Funding Through Passage of WC-1:
    Work Begins to Address Overcrowding and Repair Needs in Schools
    Reno, NV (Nov. 8, 2016) –  Washoe County School District (WCSD) Board President Dr. Angie Taylor, Superintendent at the time, Tracy Davis, and Chief Operating Officer Pete Etchart thank the community for supporting the District’s 64,000 students following the passage of WC-1, which will provide additional funding for construction and repairs to Washoe County schools:

    “This is a day of great celebration for the children of the Washoe County School District,” said President Taylor. “I am thankful to the voters of Washoe County and the numerous community groups who advocated for passage of this legislation. They recognized our critical need to build new schools and to repair and maintain aging schools in our District. I am profoundly grateful for their support of our students of today, and all the generations of students to come who will use these buildings well into the future. This is indeed a great day for all of our students, teachers, and the entire community.”

    “I join with our students and their families in applauding the voters’ commitment to education, as evidenced by their passage of this important legislation,” Superintendent Davis said. “I deeply appreciate their support of our students and staff, and their commitment to playing an important role in educating the children of Washoe County. This is a great day for our District, and for each and every one of our students. With this funding, we will be better able to support our students during their academic journeys.”

    In passing WC-1, voters elected to raise the sales tax by a half percent, with the new revenue going strictly to construct, repair, and renovate schools facilities in Washoe County.

    “I am thrilled that the community has provided this funding, which will allow us to give all of our students an adequate learning environment for now, and for our future,” said Etchart. “Our critical overcrowding and repair needs did not happen overnight, and the challenge now will be to work as quickly and efficiently as possible to make use of these funds and give all of our students the best learning environment possible. Our next step is to take our first set of proposed projects to our community oversight group, the Capital Funding Protection Committee, to get the community’s approval of our specific plans and projects that we will start right away. We will involve the whole community every step of the way. A list of our specific District priorities for new schools and repairs has been presented to the community many times over the past year, and is available on our overcrowding website, which we will continue to update as we move forward.”

    “For a long time, our District has been ‘academically rich and infrastructure poor,’” Superintendent Davis said. “Thanks to this decision by Washoe County voters, our community’s commitment to academic progress will now be supported by funding to build and maintain our schools. On behalf of all of our students, I am grateful.”
    Capital Projects 
    Planning, Construction, & Remodel
    14101 Old Virginia Road 
    Reno, NV 89521
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  • Capital Projects & Facilities Management Administration


    Tami Zimmerman
    Chief Facilities Management Officer
    Martha Ramirez Hernandez
    Executive Assistant
    Dawit Hadgu
    Deputy Chief Facilities Management Officer
    Energy Conservation & Sustainability
    Program Coordinator 
    Facilities Management 775-851-5673 
    Construction & Remodel Construction
    Tony McMillen, P.E.
    Director of Construction
    Administrative Secretary
    Planning, Zoning & Demographics
    Director of Planning
    CP Permit Admin Technician 
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