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    Dr. Paul Mitchell  
    Dr. Paul Mitchell of UNR's Reynolds School of Journalism was our keynote speaker. 
    Equity and Diversity will promote, develop and support equitable practices and policies for a safe and inclusive school community system; additionally, we will provide assurance of access, representation and meaningful participation for all.

    Equity means that every student is provided the support and resources they individually need to accomplish the same end goal: graduation and college- and career-readiness. The end-goal for all students is the same, but the process of getting there differs.
    Equity and Diversity will focus on the transformation of our district to systemically address sustainable equitable access and support for all students and their families; a collective pursuit of cultural proficiency.

    The recent national focus on standardized testing has illuminated the achievement gap between students from diverse backgrounds and the average student. Specifically, students of color are performing at lower levels than the average student. WCSD is no different. Thus, it's the district's goal to close the achievement gap among diverse populations of students, especially those of color. 
    One tool our department uses is The Equity Lens (Adapted from Portland Public Schools)
    For any policy, program, practice, or decision, consider:
    1. What marginalized groups are affected/impacted?
    2. Does the program ignore or worsen existing disparities?
    3. How have stakeholders been involved? Who are the stakeholders?
    4. What are the barriers to more equitable outcomes?
    5. How can negative impacts/barriers be mitigated?
    Who Equitably Benefits:
    • from our curriculum decisions? 
    • from our teacher hiring and assignments? 
    • from our gifted, honors, and AP programs? 
    • from our special education and RTI programs? 
    • from our extracurricular activities? 
    • from our budget decisions? 
    • from our from our accountability measures? 
    • from our learning goals/objectives? 
    Linton, C. (2011). Equity 101: The Equity Framework. Thousand Oaks, CA. Corwin.   
    Students and families celebrated!
     MCSRD Students     Families    
    We had Folkloric Dancers!
    Ballet Folklorico  

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