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    Overview of the PAR Program

    PAR is a program developed in joint with the Washoe Education Association (WEA) and the Washoe County (WCSD) School District to provide intense instructional support to first-year probationary teachers and underperforming post-probationary teachers. PAR is comprised of two main components: The Consulting Teacher (CT) and the Panel.


    PAR is a program that is successfully utilized in several school districts across the country. The program started in Toledo, Ohio in 1981. In WCSD the PAR initiative is a product of our district strategic plan and is funded through the Teacher Incentive Fund Grant. It is an integral component of our Professional Growth System.


    The following categories of teachers are eligible to participate in the PAR process:

    • Post-probationary teachers who have received an “ineffective” evaluation will be included  in the PAR program and placed on a Focused Assistance Plan (FAP); or
    • Post-probationary teachers who have received a “developing” evaluation could be considered for placement on a FAP and referred to the PAR program at the discretion of the supervising administrator; or
    • Post-probationary teachers who receive a “developing” evaluation for a second consecutive year, who are not already in PAR, will be included in the PAR program and placed on a FAP; or
    • First-year probationary teachers, who are new to the teaching profession, will be included in the PAR program.


    For under-performing post-probationary teachers, once the teacher is identified as needing assistance through the PAR program, a FAP is developed and a CT is assigned to begin working with the teacher on improving identified instructional practices. Three times per year, once following each of the three formal observation periods, the Panel will convene to hear reports from the CT and supervising administrator on the progress of the teacher. From these reports, the Panel will develop recommendations on how to further support the teacher, CT, and supervising administrator. All first-year probationary teachers, who are new to the teaching profession, will be included in the PAR program. These teachers will be assigned a CT and their cases will only be heard by the Panel if their evaluation is rated as   ”ineffective”.

    CT Role:

    Duties of the CT entail, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Reviews the most recent evaluation and solicits additional information as appropriate;
    • Meets with the supervising administrator and the teacher for initial case review;
    • Collaborates with supervising administrator and teacher to design FAP;
    • Meets regularly with the teacher;
    • Meets monthly with supervising administrator to discuss the progress of teacher;
    • Plans and implements an intensive program of intervention and/or support, which includes completing a minimum of two peer observations with pre and post conferences per semester, ongoing communication with the teacher and supervising administrator, analysis of student data, demonstrated lessons, etc.;
    • Accompanies teacher during observations of model classrooms;
    • Provides periodic review reports and a final summative report at the end of the support period to the supervising administrator, teacher, Area Superintendent, and the CT administrator, as well as to the Panel based upon the teacher performance standards; and
    • Makes a recommendation to the Panel as to whether the teacher is meeting the standard or not based on evidence collected.

    Panel Role:

    Duties of the Panel entail, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Reviews all cases referred to the Panel as a result of the evaluation process;
    • Meets with CTs and supervising administrator to review reports/evaluations and receive updates on teachers in PAR;
    • Advises CTs regarding supports to teachers;
    • Recommends possible adjustments to FAP based on evidence heard from CT and supervising administrator;
    • Reviews concerns of participating teachers, CTs, or supervising administrators regarding the PAR program;
    • Makes one of the following recommendations to the Superintendent based on CT reports, the supervising administrator's evaluation, and other supporting data;
       o Successful completion of the PAR program and return to the formal cycle of evaluation;
       o An additional year of PAR assistance; 
       o Return to probationary status
       o non-renewal of contract

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