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The Washoe County School District and its Board of Trustees is governed through Board Policy, associated Administrative Regulations and governing documents, Nevada Revised Statutes, and federal Codes and Regulations.  The Board of Trustees receives its legal authority under Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 386, Local Administrative Organization.
The Policy Committee of the Board of Trustees meets regularly with appropriate staff to develop and revise policy.  Meetings of the Policy Committee are open to the public and public comment is appreciated.  Click here to view a chart showing the policy review process.  The toolbar to the right lists Board Policy by area.  Links to applicable regulations and procedures appear within each policy. 
To search the District's database of governing documents, click here.

Public Comment - Board Policies and Administrative Regulations

To read or make comment on any proposed or existing Board policy or administrative regulation, click here for the Public Document Review page.   

Recently Updated Policies

Following are Board Policies that have been recently adopted or revised.  For administrative regulations that have recently undergone revision, please click here.

Document Search

Use this search box to locate Board Policy, Administrative Regulations, Administrative Procedures and other documents located on the District's Continuous Systems Improvement (CSI) website.  Search by document name, ID number, or a search word(s).



Every effort is made to keep these Policies and Regulations updated; however, there may be delays in getting updated Policies and Regulations on the website.  If you have questions concerning the latest version of any of these Policies and/or regulations, please contact the Policy Coordinator at the number or email listed below.

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