• 12-08-2015 Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees

    Announcement of 5th Annual Holiday Card Contest winner; introduction of City of Reno Liaison; presentation of National Service Enterprise Certification process for Volunteer Services; proposed grant request to Transforming Youth Recovery; annual report from the Council for Career and Technical Education; School Overcrowding Management Plans presentation and recommendations for Brown, Double Diamond, Kate Smith, Maxwell, Mt. Rose, and Sepulveda Elementary Schools.

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  • 11-24-2015 Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees

    Education Alliance update on activities and programs; new administrative building phone message; superintendent contract

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  • 11-18-2015 Work Session of the Board of Trustees

    Presentation and approval of DRAFT Strategic Blueprint for Student Growth and Overcrowding

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  • 11-10-2015 Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees

    Adoption of Bond Resolution; Dual Credit opportunities presentation; Update from Safe and Healthy Schools Commission and consideration of recommendations on Community Safety Forums and Request for Proposal for Comprehensive Safety Audit; Approval of Read by Grade 3 Grant application; Presentation on District response WestEd Findings and Recommendations; Approval of Group Life Insurance, Long-Term Disability Insurance, and Employer Group Waiver Plan contracts; Approval of budget transfer for external Board legal counsel services; and Preliminary approval of Board Policies 5600, 4214, and 4116

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  • 11-03-2015 Board Policy Committee

    Board Policies 5600; 4116; and 4214

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